• Published 29th Mar 2017
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Harmony Cycle 56 - Blackdust

If every century the elements of harmony must choose new bearers, who's to say they don't choose someone, or something, that isn't a pony at some point?

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Character POV tags/personalities

\|/ Jason Williams - human male, t-shirts, blue jeans (mostly), sneakers, brown hair, farmers tan, and blue eyes. His primary personality traits are that he is stubborn but trusting. His theme song.

<===>--- Cotton Cloud - pegasus mare, white coat, sky blue twilight styled mane, and purple eyes. Her cutie mark is a white fluffy cloud on a cotton candy stick. She is extremely tomboyish while still being a cotton candy merchant. Her theme song.

(0^0) Tetra Everglow - unicorn mare, tan coat, lime green RD style mane, and maroon eyes. She very fun loving and some ponies (Sunbutt and Moonbutt) insist that she is Pinkie Pies reincarnation. Her cutie mark is some unstably stacked books which fits her personality as she juggles things that shouldn't be able to be juggled easily while still being a librarian with her sister, Spindle Everglow. Her theme song.

VAV Spindle Everglow - dragon/pony mare, dark purple scales, light purple Rarity style mane of scales, and brown eyes. She is very easily scared and overly cautious. Her cutie mark, to the amazement of everypony that knows her and the fact that she's a draco, dragon/pony hybrid, is a multicolored gem despite being a librarian with her sister, Tetra Everglow. Her theme song.

|__| Cinnamon Drop - earth pony mare (was born stallion but trans.), cream colored coat, pink AJ style mane, and green eyes. She is honest (painfully so...), and her cutie mark is an apple pie styled CD to signify her being good at both balancing farming and music (primarily country/DJ-ing.) Her theme song.

Author's Note:

What would these be called? Personalities? Character cores? What? Also, I need another OC descendant of one of the Mane 6. Cotton is the descendant of RD, Tetra and Spindle are Twi and Spike/Rarity respectively, and Cinnamon is AJ.

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