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One comes from a world where monolithic mega corporations rule over everything and the technology is beyond anything that could ever be imagined by either Equestrian or modern man and yet she largely rejects it; the second comes from a world that exists after the fall of the humanity and the rise of the infected and she relishes in the wholesale slaughter of the hordes. The third is a Miqo'te from Eorzea who just loves punching things.

And the monsters, creatures, and hostile peoples that plague their worlds have now somehow broken through the barrier between them with Equestria as ground zero. For better or for worse, the onus is now on them to unravel the mystery behind these strange occurrences and put an end to them; and hopefully return to their respective homes. The zed must be slain, or Dystopia will Rise. The Drift beasts must be banished back to the hellish dimension from whence they came, or Equestria will face Oblivion. And the monsters of Eorzea must be punched or Equestria will truly face its Final Fantasy.

If they don't wind up killing each other first.

Or they don't push me to kill them with their nonsense.

Crossover of Dystopia Rising LARP and Oblivion LARP, and Final Fantasy XIV, featuring characters all portrayed by the author at or in these games. This story has been revised.

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As a general update for those who enjoyed it the first go-around, the story is back and has been revised. The stage is set, the players are all in place, and it's time for the mayhem to begin!

Please enjoy.

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