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Destiny/MLP crossover (SET IN DESTINY ONE)
Cover art was drawn by Never_Comfortable
Lotus Moon has done a reading for this story that you can find here!
Now with its own group! Click here to have a look. I will be updating it with chapter progression updates regularly.

Featured some time between the 5th and 12th of August. Thank you to everyone that helped push the story far enough for it to be featured!

Fireteam Odium are sent on a fairly simple sounding mission, only for it to end in disaster. They are thrown into a world that they do not understand, and must now make a decision. Protect the ponies, or work on getting home.

If this story seems dead, please bear with me. I promised I would finish this, and I am keeping to that promise. There may be month delays, but chapter will still come out until we have reached the end. Thank you to everyone that has been patient with me. :heart:

Rated Teen for swearing and violence. Tags will be added as they are needed.

Chapters (28)
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Comments ( 236 )

Wow! This already has more story than the game!

Lol either way this is an interesting crossover, kinda shocked you'd be putting one out with Destiny 1 coming to an end, and the "revamped" Destiny 2 approaching on the horizon. Either way this is pretty good so far, so I'll bookmark this for future updates. Let's see where your taking this ^^

8045094 I want to release this and possibly get it finished before the next game comes out. After I put some time into it I may even make it into a sequel to this one.

And to be honest, yeah. Destiny has next to no story... I just did a run on my Warlock and cleared the entire main campaign in under two hours.

Well think of it this way, with the exception of criptic grimoire cards, the lack of story for the first 2/3s of the game can allow some creative liberty in terms of cannon.

Gotta ask, characters based on your own in game creations, or friends?

8045120 The characters weapons, armour and equipment will be all the stuff my Xbox characters have. They are all 400 light but I doubt I will bring light levels into this story.

Liking it so far. There aren't nearly enough good Destiny fics on this site, so keep it up, Guardian!


(An obvious parody of Shaxx's battle cry in the Crucible when you get a 10-kill streak.)

8045191 That I shall :yay:

8045372 Haha, that actually got me laughing a bit :3

Really good so far, I can't wait for the next chapter ^-^

Another great chapter and you got Flame perfect ^-^

This is amazing!I can't believe what I'm seeing.You're unstoppable!Unbelievable!Seventh column!!!!!!!!!!:twilightsheepish:

She quickly found security in herself as she brandished the rifle. The chitin had been modified with a Taken skin, giving it a more ethereal look
My favorite ornament for my second favorite weapon
Question for flamelight:Is your OC a son of Rainbow dash or something?:twilightsheepish::scootangel:

no he isn't related to her at all, it's by chance his last name is dash

8052868 Haha, glad that you are enjoying it :pinkiehappy:

Well.... we had a chapter dedicated to the Hunter (master race), a Warlock, so I'm assuming the next chapter will be about a probably very punchy Titian.

You have me hooked. Let's see where this goes.

8057087 good to know :pinkiehappy: hope I don't disappoint!

Hunter ...master race hunter master race hunter master race hunter master race

8057599 Bruh, Hunters are the actual worst.

I love this chapter and melody is wonderful in her role thank you for using her ^-^ P.S. can't wait for the next chapter :D

How about... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage::rainbowdetermined2:

Blasphemy! Hunters are master race, but I'll give Titans credit where it is due.... they're a close second to being truly badass, and steps above those other guys -cough- Warlocks -cough-

8060136 not even gonna get into this argument :rainbowlaugh:

lol all good. It's a pointless debat, but boy is it fun seeing the diehards scramble in defense. :pinkiehappy:

Fellow Guardians, the argument that matters isn't over which class is best. It's over which faction is best.

It's New Monarchy.

Good chapter, eagerly awaiting the next one!

8096222 haha, got some plans ready, but it is gonna take a little work. Thanks for sticking around for the new chapter :twilightsheepish:

Someone better pick that up! Cause I fucking called it!
In all seriousness, this was yet another great chapter. Actually shared it with a few of my friends who aren't on site and they enjoyed it, heck even the non brony!

By the way, some tough choices in that survey. I wish I could choose more, but oh well.

8096398 Really happy you enjoyed it :D And thanks for sharing it, the extra publicity is always welcomed regardless of who they are. The voting had to be a single choice, I'm afraid, as it would have been confusing to have multiple choices, but there are already votes placed and at the rate that it's going, I think I know which one it is going to be :twilightsmile:

Hope you enjoy what I continue to put out!

Hoo-boy! This is getting good! Really curious about what potential antagonist might be making its way toward the pony world, but from the looks of it, they're already there! :pinkiecrazy:
Looking forward to the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

8123352 You have no idea how difficult it was to hide the being from the reader xD
No hints until the next chapter, so I hope you can last until then :3

8123371 That it does :raritywink:

My money's on the Vex

8123443 It could be, but who knows? There have been new votes and the list is now even more interesting :yay:

I'll post a screenshot of the graph when the new chapter is out, also, thanks for the fav. Good to know that you consider this story good enough to warrant a fav :twilightsmile:

8123473 definitely fun though i am curious what you main (I main Titan btw)

Cheeky lil troll keeping your readers in suspense with a mile high cliffhanger. I love and hate you, but I can't blame you because the effect is filling me with excitementz

8123493 You are very welcome :rainbowkiss:

8123491 Titan master race

8123503 lmao:rainbowlaugh:
Bow before Zavala Lord and savior

8123519 Yas, Zavala be praised

Very well done, and the ending of this chapter is so well done.

can't wait to see what is attacking

The poll has been taken down. Thanks to everyone who voted, the antagonist has been selected and you will find out who they are in the next chapter :twilightsmile:

I will include a picture of the survey as well so you guys can have a look at it.

I have made a group for the story so everyone can be updated with chapter progression, as well as some previews of upcoming chapters :twilightsmile:

It's open to join, and everyone is welcome to join it

Cabal? Not my first choice, but it's better than Taken/Hive. Fuck those guys.

Great chapter nonetheless! I'm a little sad that this has so few likes.

8137901 I'm not here for likes. If people enjoy it it's good enough for me :twilightsmile:

Y'know I was under the impression the Cabal were more military minded. As in anything that couldn't shoot back isn't really worth the time.

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