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I like tortuing characters....That's normal, right?


Dawn is a girl who lived (and died, who knows) in the world of K̡̘̱̰͓̣̮̣ïͬ̇͛̔͛̌҉̭̲͈m͔͍̣̖̝̏͋y̶̎̃ͮ̈́ō̋ṅ̹ͮ̎̈͊̊͠a̙͕̣̺͎̹͓ͬ̊̿ͩ̚ ͈̽̋̈́ṃ̶̣͕̺̹ͬͭa̡͇͔ͪ̒ͨ̂hͥͣͩ̔ͣ͘ṓ̯̹̭̣͒ͨ.

When for some unknown reason, she gets tossed into the world of Equestria, where she is only 'increasingly above average' in terms of magic, when she held a monoply on the title of strongest. AND, what's worst is the fact that chai tea is not a THING here.
Pretty sure she hates her life now.
....Do you think anyone will notice if she causes a little chaos?

A great sage gone rouge. A fateful encounter with her assassin. And a purple pony.
Two of them, to be exact.
What could go wrong?

Teen rating for mild violence and speech.

Kimyōna mahō, (奇妙な魔法), is Japanese for 'Strange Magic from Another' I felt it was fitting.

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Of course it would be unexpected..
That's the type of person Dawn is.

Dawn actually is more of a clutz, but it isn't portrayed as much in the beginning. But don't worry. She'll have plenty of opprotunities to screw things up.

Is this a crossover? It sounds like one, but there's no crossover tag...

It's almost done, I just need to get a reply back from my editor. This one is a bit.....
Plain ol' chaos.


It's really not a crossover because it's from AU I made, but does that still make it a crossover?

I might as well put that tag there :v

Okay! That just happened.

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