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Dragon King: Homecoming - Sipioc

A terrible Dragon is brought back to life as a pony. Twenty-two years later he is still paying for it.

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A Bit of an Attraction

Chapter 3

A Bit of an Attraction

The remainder of the grocery shopping goes by much smoother, I will admit. It does help that I have an expert haggler to accompany me now.

Applejack’s personal wealth of knowledge and her familiarity with the locals and their wares works to my advantage as prices are set up and likewise knocked down by the savvy business pony. I normally would refuse her help, or any help for that matter, But our shared history offered her some leeway.

‘I suppose I should be thankful.’ I relent, feeling the growing lightness of my bit pouch as we walk away from the baker stand.

Cozy’s deal of free rent for the first two months was ideal for my current situation, but other expenses were slowly bleeding me dry. At this rate I would need to find work, though I shuddered to think what that would entail. A more permanent solution was needed. One that would get me out of here.

“Gold stack gettin’ slack?” The orange farm mare quips at me as I begrudgingly put the sack away.

“None of your concern.” I retort in a tone would that would repel others, but she merely shrugs it off.

“Have it y’er way.” Her gaze goes up to the sky as she spots the rainbow one overhead; hopping from cloud patch to cloud patch above. “Just means ah get to laugh when yah come crawlin’ up to my door beggin’ for a job.” She eyes me with a smug little grin.

“That would be the day.” I snort derisively, making her chuckle, and for a brief moment, very brief, making me genuinely smile.

If there was anything that was tolerable about being back in this town. It was her. While she could be just as naive and cloying as the rest of her kind, this mare somehow balanced her more unctuous tendencies with a iron forged tenacity. Something I grew to respect in my youth here. It was by no means immediate, not without its compromises and...personal sacrifices; for a moment I can feel the remaining muscles in my crippled leg go tense at a long passed memory, but I am quick to shake it from my mind. Despite that and more, she earned the right to be considered my first friend. Ever.

“Could always talk to the Mayor, might be somethin’ somepony of y’er talents could do.”

“Ugh. Pass.” I could only imagine the kind of mundane tasks I would be forced to endure. The bounty out on overdue books? Crashing a den of fiendish loitering teenagers? Or the absolute CRISIS, that is newspaper theft? Still, what I wouldn't give for something big and toothy to kill. But this was Ponyville we were talking about. Even with last week’s excitement, I doubt that would become a trend.

"Ohhh stop actin’ so crotchety, yah ol’ grump." She says playfully as she rubs up against me, before moving on and flicking her tail in my face.

There was also a downside of being around her lately:

I watch her canter ahead, taking notice of the sway in her toned hips. The swish of her tail. My face begins to burn when I realize what I am doing.

‘Accursed Equine hormones!’ I grit and attempt to hide the redness in my cheeks, by looking away. In the past only Draconess’ would feel ‘the drive’ to propagate the species, leaving me free of any such compulsion. Now? I was begrudgingly at their mercy when I least expected it.

A few deep breaths and some androgynous thoughts later, I had recovered and she was none the wiser.

“Have a bite?” The sample of watermelon she is offering me from the stand says one thing but my residual mindset has me thinking another, bringing me right back to where I was before.

‘Stupid Equine Hormones.’


Mercifully, I was able to blame my red complexion on the warm weather. Unmercifully, I was down a another bit to buy lemonade. (She offered, but I treated. Shut up. That's why.)

We managed to find a comfy spot in the shade of a old maple tree near the fountain, sipping our drinks in the late morning air. Casual silence reigning.

The sky above was dotted only with a few modest sized clouds and one Rainbow narcissist. For reasons beyond my interest she had taken to jumping from cloud to cloud. Occasionally peeking her head through, as if searching for something below.

“Sneaky little, feather duster.” My ears perk at the half mumbled words to my right. To find Applejack glaring at the Pegasus over the rim of her cup.

“Which one of us said that?” I ask dryly without even turning “Cause I know I was thinking it.”

“Sorry.” Applejack chuckles without taking her eyes off the Pegasus above. “Dash an’ ah had a bit of a row this morning.”

“… over what?” I don't really care, but on the off chance I could have a tactical advantage over the Pegasus, I would make small talk.

“....Nuthin’” She finally says downing the rest of her drink in one gulp before crumpling the cup in her hoof.

“Nothing?” I pique, unconvinced.

“Not a thing.” She responds only more un-convincingly.

Pressure is then applied through no words but via a subtle turning of my head to her. She doesn't meet my gaze, but her eyes darting from her peripheral and back tell me she knows. She knows.

“Alright!” She caves under my stare. “If you have to know! Twilight got a spare ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala and…” Aaand tuned out. It's not enough that I am stuck here but now I am forced to listen to-OW!!

My face tightens into a sneer as I rub the place where I have just been punched.

“You had ta hear it! Now pay attention!” She admonishes me, while brandishing her offending hoof. “Like. ah. was sayin’”. She says pointedly before continuing. “Twilight promised that Ticket tah me! Now Dash thinks she can just waltz on in and steal it out from under me! Ah deserve tah go just as much as her!”

“Really?” Is the response that comes out. The intent is aloof disinterest. It comes across differently, it seems. If her sudden appearance in front of me says anything.

“Whatcha mean ‘really’?” She says pushing up against my face. “You sayin’ what ah think yer sayin?”

Crap. This is one of those choose your next words carefully moments, isn't it? Normally I would say whatever the slag I wanted, but as much as I wasn't afraid of her or anything, I also didn’t want the headache of an apology later.

“Why would you really care?” Nudging her out of my personal space firmly. “Spending the evening with a bunch of inbred unicorns? What's the appeal?”

Scoffing at my callousness, as well as mouthing the word ‘typical’ she continues “It's one of the biggest shin digs in all of Equestria, yah big ape!”

“Oh well, in that case,” I say, before bringing my cup in a mock toast, before sipping on it in an exaggerated fashion to express my opinion on the matter. The little remnants of the lemon drink is then capriciously tipped into my face by an equally sour orange mare.

“Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yuck it up yah thug.” She relents, giving me a glare, before smirking. “Not like anypony wants you there.”

“I am truly crushed.” I answer half heartedly. As I crudely wipe my face with a foreleg, spitting to the side to punctuate my sentiment on the matter.

“No doubt. You’d wind up burning down the whole of Canterlot in one night if they did.” Her words inspire some rather vivid imagery, some not entirely from imagination.

“There's an idea.” My face curves into an expression only definable as fiendish.

“Well, on that cheery note,” Applejack stands, and looks back to the sky, but I can't help but notice she takes a tentative step away from me, as if I was overdue for (literal) Celestial retribution for my crass thoughts. “Looks like ahm getting off here, sug’”.

Looking in the direction she is heading I can see Rainbow Dash drift down from the clouds into what I know to be close to Sugarcube Corner, also known as: Pink Territory.

“Stay out of trouble, Flint.” She calls over her shoulder as she trots away.

“I would be so lu—”. The words die in my throat with a strong pulse that resonates just below it.

‘No. Not this again.’ I growl in anger, my actual good mood utterly ruined.

The feeling is jarring, so much so I am pulled to my hooves combat it. It's like hitting a wall of rubber, in which there is some give to it, but in the end I am merely deflected against it.

There is no pain, but an inescapable magnetism that only grows pulling me toward the departing figure of the stetsoned mare.

I grit my teeth. Dig my hooves into the trodden path of the square. But it only gets stronger the further she gets to the point that it dragging me within an almost invisible gap of around fifteen hooves.

‘What could this be’ you might ask?

More I want to say?

Not really.

Pony Hormones?

If only.



Aforementioned, Celestial Retribution?

...in a way.

Power of..Fffff-riend-sssship?

…..perhaps it's just best I tell you when it all began. When I went to a party I didn't want to go to, to celebrate a pony I don't want to celebrate, and where I actually chose to do something selfless, and have since been paying for it.

Author's Note:

Busy schedule.

Mass Effect Andromeda.


That's is all.:applejackconfused:

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Power of..Fffff-riend-sssship?

Even thinking it causes a stutter? Flint has it bad. Now you got me curious. I wonder if it has to do with his cutie mark, considering how he got his cutie mark in the other story.

Or, if it's a statement of what happened during the Summer Sun Celebration, Nightmare Moon's return.

He... oh dear, is he one of the bearers? Hah... HAH!

Someone's having a laugh, for sure. Must be the Tree of Harmony or something. And of course it would force him into the role afterwards since he'd not be a good friend otherwise.

8316422 I always thought it would be fun to have a story where someone villainous was thrown into a situation where they had to be heroic and it seemed to stick with everyone else.

I think you're really getting good in your writing theres days, it just ashamed that you can't update more often. Still, I hope get back to writing more often you are always fun to read.

I hope to.

It's such a challenge to do it. So many distractions and the like.

But I appreciate the kind words!

Darn. And here I was thinking that he'd actually end up with pinky.

Who said he doesn't?

Touche. Guess I'll just have to wait and see! Maybe he'll get together with dinky in the other one too instead of suddenly apple bloom.


Here's the bigger question. How do you think Discord would "discord" him upon Discord's escape? Maybe do nothing, as a kind of joke that he already is disharmonious?

Though I expect him to be TFed into a dragon hatchling like Spike is. Because that is probably the funniest change. I don't think Poison Joke would do that though. It strikes me as making him either adorable or harmless, possibly both.

Ohohoho. Both scenarios have been figured out. I don't want to completely spoil them so I will simply say the following.

1.) During a moment in Bridle Gossip one of the girls can be heard to say "Aww don't worry Flint. As far as I'm concerned your practically one of the girls." Do something with that Poison joke!

2.) Discord will succeed in making him discordant of himself, but not by corrupting him. I will leave it at that.

wait i am confused with time lines if this is the same universe as your other story than how is flint this old ?
i would go into more detail but it hurts my brain to think about it

This story my attempt at reviving my interest in the story, making it more dynamic and following the canon. Canon saw fit to prevent that.

Consider it a parallel retelling.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttt......................... Mass Effect Andromeda?

Why did you waste your money?

Thank you Captain Hindsight!

But honestly, it wasn’t an awful game, just not at all what it should of been for the production and sale price.

I’m glad I played it, but I enjoy the parts that were legitimately fun and well done, and really there more than a few

Wasn't saying you shouldn't have played it,I was trying to make a joke :L

I know. I wasn’t serious, about the first part.

:twilightsheepish:Sorry, didn’t mean to come off too harsh

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