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I'm a brony and I make stories. I make comedies, romantic, and sometimes even dark stories.

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Grammar mistakes here and there, but I'll let it go because I actually like the show 1000 ways to die. So I'll be keeping and eye out for this.

Yeah I know my grammar sucks I'm looking for an editor but I'm glad you like it.

8044682 Yeah. I really like that show. Good job so far anyway.

So will the chapters be canon to each other or will each chapter be its own thing?

They'll be their own thing. I'm glad you liked it.

Its even better if you read it in the narrator voice

The jokes alone:rainbowlaugh: they're, no-no I will not! T-they're to die for- I mean really good.:facehoof:

Oh I remember this one from the show!

How do people come up with these story

For my answer it just pops in my head and I decided to write it down.


Actually in 1000 ways to die a mugger tried to mug a woman but his bad luck was real bad that night. The mugger was a cross dresser who just got off training that night.
He was a light weight boxer who slugged the guy so hard ruptured some veins in his skull.

Comment posted by TheAngryVideoGameColt deleted Mar 23rd, 2017

8044682 I can be the editor!! I edited 2 of your stories before

Thanks for doing this. He's from my story called Rock Out.

I think I remember the episode where it was something similar. But instead of a stripper and a client is was a traveling salesman and a fat woman.

This brings memories. The show was great.

8055580 i watched the show when i was like 8
i was fucked. XD

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8055597 I think I was 13 when I watched my first episode. I can't remember the first death I saw though.

8055708 i remember some one fell in acid.... XD
and also someone got there guts ripped out by a hot tub i think it was.

8056597 I remember a few. I did watch a lot of that show.

8056793 i need to go back and watch it again. just because.

8056872 Yeah. I think I'm going to do that to.

I think Hoof Racer's death shocked me the most.

I think Twilight's was the worst. Vinyl second

This.......fucking hailirious :rainbowlaugh:

this one should have been named boiled bitch

How did it shock you, it had nothing to do with electrocution?:duck:

I'm talking about all the deaths which one surprised you the most. Like which one was your favorite

8057443 Yea, while I was editing the chapter, It reminded me of the game Mirror's Edge

Wow!!! What a jaw-dropper:trollestia:

I actually remember that death from the show. Also great chapter, keep going.

Oh never mind she's seeing The Undertaker.

8063599 XD, I edited that in

Forgive me if I spell something's wrong because I'm getting used to the controls of using it.

That's what I'm here for bud, as your editor

10/10 best way to die name ever! -IGN

So now you're doing Equestria Girls characters.


Sweet. I hop we get to see more CHS students.

Two ponies dead in one chapter.

changeling blood must be green

Based on the T.V show 1000 Ways To Die.

In that case, why isn't there a crossover tag?

The way he died sounds way to much like a looney tunes style fall. I keep remembering like Willie Coyote and the Roadrunner and this would be something that would happen.

Ouch. And I thought the last one was brutal.

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Dose anyone else find it funny that the guy's name is Micky like the mouse and got killed by a cat?


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