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When King Sombra is resurrected from the dead, he changes plans. The Crystal Empire knows how to defeat him if he shows himself, but how would they defeat their old King if they cannot handle its current Prince? Using Shining Armor as bait, Sombra takes his revenge slowly on the Crystal Empire... and on the Dragon who defeated him before...

Can Twilight save the Empire or will everypony return to being King Sombra's Crystal Slaves?

Chapters (2)
Comments ( 4 )

THis story seems interesting. I hope that it updates frequently,. I will put my trust in you that you will update often, by favoriteing this story.

8038297 Expect oart two to orrow or wendsday

this is an interesting read so far I hope to see more soon.

Well this story is getting interesting now and you writing is still proving with each one of your chapters. I will be looking forward to see hoe Sombra will manipulate Shining Armor into twisting him to become like him, and by the looks of it turning him to bad side will not be easy and her certainly doesn't seem to command any respect from his own citizens which is not really conducive to inflating his ego and he is already a push over for both his wife and little sister.

I will be looking forward to see what you will come up with next for this story.

Good luck

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