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Damn, I didn't notice it sooner. I think this was the prefect story of a willing diaper play with Rarity that I could imagine great work. I would have just wished to have know how it all started between the two of them. I hope to see more of your work again soon.

Considering the diaper that sloshed and squished around his waist

Wait, didn't Rarity just change him?

Rarity stood a fair distance away from the stage and gave the stallion a little audience as he finished soiling herself. She waited there quietly with her sewing supplies floating idly by her head.

I founds a typo~. Should be " himself "

Ah, thank you for the catch. It has been fixed.

In my experience, some have a tough time keeping their diapers dry for long. "Sloshed" might have been a misleading term though, since it would likely only be soggy at this point.

Still, it would take more than a few minutes.

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