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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.



Little Honeysuckle follows her mother, Rocky Blossom, around town doing errands.

It's a good way to make friends. Every little foal needs friends, even the ones that wear funny disguises just so they can follow their mother to the market.

An entry in the Weedverse.

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If this is something going wrong, I'm scared of what it'd be like going right!

love the story!

The barest hint of Dark, so it certainly wasn't induced by a fever dream!

Megara as a babysitter! I like it.

Well, that's certainly one family where no one would as much as bat an eye over something as minor as a little emotivorism.


Daddy! Daddy! I made friends with a kitty-pony! And she has a pet chicken named Boink! And I got to meet Octavia! There is this family and they are really, really weird! Can we by weird? Please?

Whaddya mean, we're already weird? **Blank stare**

Dang, Meg learned how to talk well. I bet that throws off all kinds of ponies who never met her before.

Kind of reminds me of Beast, from X-Men.

Lovely little story.


Do think Octavia would have her talking like a jungle savage for very long?


Now I'm hearing Megara with a deep, growling, yet feminine Trottingham accent. Shades of My Fair Lady.

Kudz is definitely trying to murder us all.

Trying to judge Megara's age here as this is likely the furthest along in the timeline. Guessing younger teen? She likely would be larger than a normal adult pony with her manticore background by her teen years.


Well, she did fight a mud monster. :eeyup:

if this is what you consider wrong kudzu i guess award winning novel is okay level or you
cuz i feel like you could wright a novel right now and it would make you famous

you with a title like that i was expecting sex, maybe alog the lines of breastfeeding. but it was a good story anyway

Very nice little story wondering what the back story is for Rocky Blossom. Considering all the people Tarnished knows that Alto and Sly has probably been seeing since they were born not sure what type of monster would phase them especially if said monster isn't out to kill them. For that matter Megera is half manticore. Changling not a problem

I just don't know what went wrong right.

FTFY :derpytongue2:
(I know it's already been said in like 10 of the 14 comments so far, but I had to do/say it anyway) :twilightsheepish:


It's rated E.

Honeysuckle suckles love from others around her.



Figured out she was a changeling pretty quick and my guess was she was from the egg Discord regressed Chrysalis to. But with mention of other foals like her I am less sure about that.


She is NOT that egg.


Well, a lot of us thought she was, but I guess that makes sense.

I wouldn't want an egg made out of plutonium, either.

What an adorable little bug she is! :heart::pinkiehappy:

Megara, Megara....

Now, I think I know where she's from, but is there a story about her I can read so I can make sure?

More like;

I just don't know what went right.

8037048 Did you read The Weed?

SPOILER ALERT: Megara is Tarnish's offspring with the Manticore at the start.

Very enjoyable. Little Honey Suckle is quite cute.

it's good ta see little megara turned out the way she did ^-^

I just don't know what went wrong.

I do!

8037256 Quite a lot did go right, though :yay:

Ain't nothin' wrong with accidental story.

8037048 If you want more information about Megara, When Consequences Come Home depicts her arrival in Ponyville and reveals her backstory, and she's a secondary character in Princess Flurry Heart Versus The Mud Monsters

Since Rocky Blossom talks about 'others like her', I suppose they were from eggs still in Chrysalis' hive when it was dissolved?



And Equestria, being the good sort of place it is, took them in.

lol loved this. i'm looking forward to more from you.

We may never know what went wrong but I'm glad you wrote this, I had been wondering what happened to the Changelings after PTSSFFF ended. Honeysuckle is pretty adorable.

Also Sly Pie is sly. :pinkiehappy:


A switch in my brain might be set to slice of life mode at the moment. Having some trouble writing adventure stuff. :applejackconfused:


It's all good, slice that life!


8037759 a one became a zero......

8037701 PTSSFFF? did I miss a story?


Princess Twilight Sparkle's School for Fantastic Foals.

The official forum group (see story description) has all of the stories in one convenient place.

Nice, although without context I couldn't figure out this part.

“I think it’s good of you to do what you did, on account of how much trouble there’s been, well, between… us… and... them. Only, there ain’t s'posed to be no us and them no more.”
“I wish somepony would make that clear to certain ponies,”

No way of knowing what she did exactly just from reading this.



It involves a bit of knowledge of the Weedverse.

In short, the changelings were defeated. There is supposed to be peace between equals now, without discrimination. Sadly, this isn't the case. The peace is a fragile, fragile thing.

8039915 No I got all that from context already, it was just the thing that Applejack mentioned Rocky Blossom did that was the one thing I couldn't figure out.

Need at least a few more clues for that one.



Um, adopting?

That's what Rocky Blossom did.

i want Rocky Blossom to suffer until she becomes a titan of steel will like Twilight Velvet.

unless her biology and metabolism is against that evolution, in which case i want her to live a safe and peaceful life.

8040318 Oh :pinkiegasp:

I just assumed, I thought, oh well that makes sense I guess.:twilightblush:


Sweet slices of life.

Do you reckon that makes it Celestia's favorite cake? :trollestia:

God damnit it's pronounced 'S U C C L E S'

A big catlike creature with enormous bat-like wings stood before her.

Megera? Didn't actually realize this was a weedverse story.

So im guessing that she is chry-
8036716 no? Uhhh. Darn. I was banking on that.
8037668 oh. I guess that works.

But yes. Nice story.

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