• Published 3rd Dec 2011
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You're my favorite Princess ever! - Jinadan

Luna adopts Pipsqueak as a son. And she has feelings for another pony.

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You’re my favorite Princess ever! : Adopt

Celestia’s sun had just begun to rise, and the ponies were all helping out to wrap up the Nightmare Night Festival. A certain dark blue alicorn was using her magic to help clear the decorations. She was a nocturnal pony however, and somnolence was starting to kick in. She started to dose off slightly, snapping back to consciousness when she felt a light pull on her tail. She turned her head around, and it was none other than the only foal who dared to pull a royal Princess’ mane and tail.

"Princess Luna, are you going to stay here in Ponyville?"

"I’m sorry fellow villager, I have to go back to Canterlot, where I belong."

"Oh, okay." Pipsqueak walked away looking dejected.

Luna just looked at the young colt walk away. A stream of thoughts passed through her head.

Besides Twilight Sparkle, he was one of the only ponies she had conversations with. Twilight was friendly and all, but Luna felt an unexplainable happiness every time she was with him. He was so innocent and adorable. Besides Celestia, he was the only pony who embraced her with a hug, although it was on her hooves, Luna appreciated it greatly all the same.

It was now or never. Luna did not even knew the little pony's name, and if she went back to her home in Canterlot, she might never see him again. It would be a devastating waste to lose this valuable friend.

"Neigh, child, wait!’’ Luna called out to the colt.

"Yes, Princess Luna?"

"What is thy name?"

"It’s Pipsqueak the pirate!’’ he exclaimed, drawing out his rubber sword with his mouth, and swinging it in the air.

Luna’s heart melted at the sight of that. It showed his innocence, just enjoying life for what it was.

"Well, Pipsqueak. Dost thou live here in Ponyville?"

"Yup, ever since I moved to here from Trottingham." Pip replied.

"Why did thou move to Ponyville?

"Well, I.. errr.." Pip stammered, trying to hide his sadness.

Luna went beside him and sat down. She put a hoof over Pipsqueak, giving him a comforting pat on the back.

"Something happened to my family back in Trottingham, so now I am alone in Ponyville." The little pony gave Luna a gloomy look.

Luna was shocked at what she just heard. It was the one thing she hated the most. Being alone. She of all ponies would know the hollow feeling of being alone, and she definitely would not want Pip to feel the same thing. Now she was living with her sister, but Pip had nopony to live with at all. One part of her wanted to know what exactly happened to his family, while another did not want him to be hurt by her questions any further. The alicorn decided to go with the latter.

"Hey Princess Luna, do you want to come and see my house?"

"Yes, but please, call me Luna."

At this, Pipsqueak gave a huge smile and began galloping away. Luna followed him, and they stopped at a small one bedroom house located a few houses away from Sugarcube Corner.

Pipsqueak arrived at a meager shack. He opened the door, and trotted in. Luna followed suit, and the sight before her tore her up on the inside. It was just a small room no larger than her own bathroom. There were only two things : An old mattress and a rectangular wooden chest. There was another door, leading to an extremely cramped toilet. It was nothing compared to her royal bedroom in Canterlot.

Pipsqueak sat on his mattress, smiling at Luna.

"So how do you find my house?" Pip asked.

"It’s beautiful..." Luna tried to fake a smile.

"I'm glad you like it!’’ He beamed. Luna instantly felt horrible for lying to the foal. A sloppy yawn suddenly escaped her mouth, indicating her drowsiness.

"I’ll have to fly off to Canterlot now.’’ Luna said with fatigue in her voice. She dreaded the idea of having to fly back all the way from Ponyville to Canterlot.

"Hey Luna, wanna stay for a sleep over?’’

Luna thought about it for awhile. She knew this would make her sister worry, but she definitely liked the idea of spending the night somewhere else besides home today.

"Yes. We..i mean, I would love to stay.’’ exclaimed the blue alicorn.

At that, Pipsqueak jumped around in excitement, claiming how fun it was going to be. Luna just smiled at the excited colt. Eventually after some time, he stopped.

"I’m going to take a shower first." At this, Pip removed his Nightmare Night costume, and placed it in his chest. Luna managed to take a sneak peek at what was inside. There was only a small set of clothes and a bag of apples. Luna watched as he took a small towel and headed for the toilet, closing the door between them.

"Today is going to be the best day ever!'' Pip squealed in excitement. He already had a mental plan of what to do with his favorite Princess. They would play hoove games, and he would show her a front flip on the mattress, a trick he learned while he was bored at home. Princess Luna's going to love it! he thought.

A stream of thoughts and questions passed through Luna's head again. What happened to his family? Who would pay his bills? What would he eat after the apples are gone? How long will he live here? How can I help him live in a better house? Another yawn escaped her mouth, interrupting her thoughts. She sat on the mattress. It was not half as comfortable as her bed in Canterlot, but it was okay for now. While waiting for Pip, she let her back fall on the sofa, staring into the ceiling. A few more thoughts came to her again, but soon enough she became too tired to entertain any of them. Everything was drifting away slowly now, her vision slipping out of focus…

Pip came out of the toilet, feeling fresh as ever. He was disappointed however, when he saw Luna already fast asleep. He wanted to play a few games before bedtime. He decided to sleep too, positioning himself next to Luna.

"Goodnight, Luna" he whispered quietly, before dozing off into a deep sleep.