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Hi there, I'm just a Englishman with a slight tea problem. I very rarely get time to write, or used to, because of college. Now though, I'm just rather lazy.

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You know I like this retaling of Fallout New Vegas and Fallout Equestria. I'm interested in this now and I wanna read more.:pinkiehappy: don't quit!!!

Ok let's see...
Get out of Docs house.....√

Go to Rutford and be sarcastic to the military there.....√

Find town survivors...√

After killing all Ace ganger scum.....√

Go to Military Outpost.....√

Meet beautiful mare who also dislikes the bastard who shot her in the head....√

Ok by my calculations we will be done with this story in 20 more chapters and that's with DLCs :rainbowlaugh: I love the story but personally I would like to see more interaction between the main character and other characters. Also love how he already made a friend but maybe I think you should slow down the story and add more details and descriptions. Now then again if you take this to heart is up to you. Keep up the good work sir :twilightsmile:

8044398 yeah I'm bothered with how I've been pacing it too, not an observation that is new to me. Everytime I load up Google docs I always read over chapter 1 and pad it out more and more before I continue working on the next chapter! The next chapter I personally feel will be a lot slower paced. It's been a long time since I last wrote anything so I think it's a case of oiling the old motor!
Thank you for the kind words though! I always panic when I read the words "commented on", can never be sure if someone will post bad critique or constructive criticism!
I hope the story won't disappoint! :D


Never fear I will always give my honest opinion based off of how I judge myself I will ask questions if something doesn't fit with me and such I'll ask.... Speaking of which is this before Littlepip or after?:twilightsheepish: it's always something that urked me when reading a new Fallout Equestria story :twilightsmile:

8044488 After littlepip's story, though I will mostly steer the story away from constant referencing of the first, though, like in typical fallout fashion, the original story will have implications on mine.
Though, FoE is told in such a way that the individual reader can interpret things themselves, so my interpretation of the events might be slightly different from other's. Hence why I will avoid making too many references.
Hopefully this made sense to you since I'm typing this on a phone at 3am! Haha!


Hey that's me every day lol :rainbowlaugh: I always write on my phone I been needing to dust off my laptop :twilightsmile:

8044551 See I'm currently in Germany with my girlfriend and won't return to my oh so cherished desktop til late June! Once I'm back in England though, I'll be saying goodbye Google docs haha!
Also thank you for the watch/follow! Means a lot to me! :pinkiehappy:


No problem it's the least I could do:twilightsmile: have fun and be safe :pinkiehappy: I got some other Fimfiction friends over in Germany but England Hmmmmm I always wanted to visit to bad I'm to poor to make that trip from Texas :rainbowlaugh:

8044592 England is nice! It gets boring if you live there 24/7 without travelling to another country, but as a tourist there's a lot to do and see! If you ever land upon enough money to visit, I would highly recommend it :twilightsmile:


I'm actually about to go to university so I might see if I can do a study abroad program :twilightsheepish: but if I do I wanna go to a tavern :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh:

8044643 sounds like a plan!
So since you mentioned fallout new Vegas, it's not a far step to assume you've played it, no?
So tell me, PlayStation, Xbox, Pc? Or do you play on a combination of those?


PlayStation and Xbox I've also played the DLCs and beat it 14 times just to get as many of the endings as possible... Hey I had no life as a teen don't judge :twilightsheepish:

8044684 judgement? You'll hear none from me, spent about 1000 hours on fallout 3 and 600 hours on fallout new Vegas before my ps3 broke on me. Repurchased them in steam's Christmas sale so I could play them again!
Unfortunately, I didn't get too much enjoyment from Fallout 4 on the PS4.


That's a sin!!!! I built a character on Fallout 4 I named squidward so I can just say all the sarcastic options in dialogue :rainbowlaugh: I had alot fun with 4 :twilightsmile:

8044698 I can see why people might have fun with 4, and more power to you! It just didn't live up to New Vegas in my eyes!
You got a ps4?


Xbox one.... There was a special at a store and I got one along with Fallout 4 right when it came out :twilightsheepish:

I been meaning to by a PlayStation 4 :twilightsmile:

8044766 That's a shame! Well if you ever get around to getting a PS4 hit me up! Got an obvious absence of brony gamers on my friends list :twilightoops:

The NES currently

N.E.S. is an abbreviation, like U.S.A. Periods needed, otherwise it's like the name of a business; ex. NES Co.

etc granddaughter

Like abbreviating company, etcetera is etc. with a period.

I like where this is going

8068738 Ah yes, I completely forgot that in US English the norm is to place a full-stop between each letter in an abbreviation. :twilightsheepish:
Though, how I missed the "etc." is beyond me!
Thank you though, I'll try and correct this in my next run of edits :)

Pretty cool, but why split the Pipbuck part from the first chapter?

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