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“If the youth are not initiated into the tribe, they will burn down the village, just to feel its warmth.” — African proverb


980 years ago...
Celestia has been trapped in the sun for twenty years now. They have been hard times for the ponies of Equestria as they have sought to try and rebuild their society and recover from all that she did in her madness. But fear not! For though her coat and mane are now pink, and though she is shorter, and though she remembers nothing of her previous life, all that Celestia was has been reborn, and returned to Equestria!

A distant prequel to the Lunaverse.

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All usage of Italian comes from BabelFish. I can pretty much garuntee its innacuracy.

Although speaking of language innacuracies, this story serves an additional purpose beyond getting some things into circulation without disrupting other stories: I can practice my Early Modern English!

Unless it gets to be too annoying. If'n y'all find it to be such, just let me know: I have a plan in place that will allow me to switch to more modern grammar.

Bitter Orange. Is he related to the Oranges, and therefore, the Apples? Who knows! Given that this is 980 years ago, I don't think that we have any way of connecting him to them without involving contrived circumstances.

... So Cadance is Celestia's reincarnation and is from their version of Italy and I've gone cross-eyed. :derpyderp1:

I'm really liking it so far, it's going to be interesting to see where its going.

You weren't kidding. It really does seem like Anastasia.

Which is a good thing.

That threat at the end was hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

It wasn't hilarious! It was a dire threat, indeed! An official snub from the Princess would bring ruination upon anypony! They would be starving on the streets in mere weeks, begging forgiveness!


866277 I'm pretty sure she's really not. But she thinks she is! :trollestia:

I don't see why anypony would /want/ to pretend to be Corona reborn, unless they were insane/raised to believe so. Seriously, you'd end up torn limb for limb or at the very least accountable for her (many) crimes against, well, everything.

Well, as they're herbivores I choose to believe in defiance of a horrible video I once saw on YouTube of a real-life stallion interacting with a foal that ponies aren't likely to tear somepony limb from limb, at least.

'Sides which, nopony is pretenting to be Corona.

My guess is that she's sort of a back-up copy of Corona, a Yugi Mutou to Corona's Atem. (Or, to be more accurate a Ryou Bakura to Corona's Yami Bakura.)

I haven't seen Anastasia in almost ten years, and even I can see the parallels... I'm torn on whether or not I want an evil lich to show up.

Anyway, great job, I can't wait to read more.

The fact that they're herbivores has nothing to do with that video. There was no eating involved there. Just the uh... elimination of competition.

Herbivores are supposed to be gentle and friendly unless directly threatened! Or two males of similar size.

I am traumatized, Hendy. Traumatized.

Quite nice. I'm most eager for the inevitable encounter with Luna.

Oh, and as for the language stuff, I can't speak for everyone obviously, but the Early Modern English stuff is no bother to me.

One, final note. I only just now realized how different L!Canterlot must look without the golden spires of the one from the show. I may have to look into recoloring a vector for visual reference. Would you say that in modern times it has been merely redecorated in silver, or perhaps an even more radical color scheme befitting the home of the Night Court?

I actually imagine it looks so completely different that trying to merely recolor a vector wouldn't be enough. We're talking a thousand years of new buildings going up and old buildings coming down, sometimes in parallel between the two universes, but sometimes not, not to mention different aesthetic choices...the only similarity that I can say for certain is that Canterlot remains a very vertical city, since horizontal expansion would be difficult given its location.

Canterlot's color scheme, in the mane universe, is white, purple, and gold: very regal looking. In the Lunaverse, I'm seeing silver with blues and greens.


^Maybe something like this^

I almost wish I hadn't made Canterlot still be the capital, and instead moved it to someplace else, probably the Everfree, and just eliminated the Everfree Forest and had the equivalent "weird place" be the mountains where Canterlot lies. In that case I know exactly what I'd want [new city, probably just called Everfree] to look like:


God I love Dinotopia

Ooh, that first pic is beautiful. Nothing against the second pic, but I'm glad you left Canterlot were it is.

As for divergent architecture? There is some sense to that, but than again such divergence would probably also suggest that not only would our modern cast of ponies have all lived even more different lives, but that most of them probably would have never even been born in the first place. Logic should dictate that divergence would make the two Equestrias literally different as night and day, yet other than a few key points they remain oddly parallel to each other.

Either way though, I won't be doing up a recolor anytime soon. The only good vector of Canterlot I could find to work with was so bloody large it froze my entire computer when I tried to load it, and even off a fresh reboot, my feeble paint utility flat refuses to load the bugger as the pic apparently exceeds it's parameters.

Ho, wow. Either Cadence really is Backup!Celestia, or the people who've telling her she is are trying to get money. Either way, this shall be quite interesting... :pinkiehappy:

You do probably the best job of a believable Early Modern English I've seen, so no problem! And I love italian!Cadence.

I shall... I shall give it a poor review! :rainbowlaugh:

866489 Are you talking about "Stallion Meets Newborn Foal" (aka "Nature's Curse...") or some other video?
Just the same, I'd watch out for ponies named Looking Glass.

Oh, on a note I hadn't brought up before and I don't know if it was intentional or not, but I love how this story effectively ties together the ideas of fakelestia/pinklestia/toylestia and Cadance. In the Lunaverse there really was a pink princess pony claiming to be Celestia.

Also, here's a question, does she have her cutie mark yet? Presumably she's old enough that she should, but having been raised most of her life to believe that she is the sun incarnate, I'm not sure she would have had the chance to discover her proper special talent.

I think it's more about the potential prestige and political boon of being homeland to the sun queen reborn that is the motivating factor for the Cavallian leadership. Also, I don't think it's an intentional scam on their part; they likely legitimately believe it to be true. After all, it's not every day that an alicorn appears.

866888 Somehow I missed these the first time around. Holy crap. If I ever get around to making some sort of animated title theme, I'll have lots of fun with the Canterlot end train station.

867641 Money was my shorthand way of saying that. That also makes sense, though.

Yeeeeaaaah If I were you, I wouldn't look into the behavior of other herbivores. Especially not dolphins. :rainbowlaugh:

EDIT: Wait... dolphins aren't herbivores...

Ah. This looks like it'll be a highly fascinating story. While I have enjoyed quite a few of the Lunaverse stories...actually seeing Luna back as a major character in a story, or at least dealing with the whole Corona/Celestia/Luna dynamic is something I've really been looking forward to. Thanks for getting back to exploring that!

:derpyderp2: Oh Cadence is just too nice :rainbowlaugh:

At least it'll be harder to dismiss her since she has horns AND wings, though her origin might not turn out to be what she believes.

I live in a shiny and happy world where things that eat grass are nice unless physically threatened. And that is that.

Yes. It is that video. Fuck that video.

It's very interesting that this "Cadance" began life as an earth pony. I think a lot of people forget that alicorns are earth ponies as well as unicorns and pegasi. That could actually give her an edge over the other "impersonators", in that she'll be able to use her farming skills to demonstrate her earth magic. A unicorn might be able to fake wings and flight, but earth magic is really subtle.

So Equestria basically trashed their entire currency once Corona was locked away? Canterlot does feel a little bit post-apocalyptic. Creepy.

Then whatever you do, don't look up the mating habits of chimps... or was it orangutangs?

I'll stop responding like this. Otherwise I'm going to realize how much fun trolling is. :trixieshiftright:


for all intents and purposes, it is post apocalyptic.

20 years ago, Corona swept across the land. For 12 years after that, Luna galavanted across the land in a state of depression.

Rebuilding of the internal government structure has only been going for 8 years. Way too short for things to be stable.

Interesting. So Cadence believes herself to be Celly? This isn't going to go down well, especially since she's a true alicorn.

866888 That first picture. Wow. Canterlot is much cooler than in the Maneverse.

Enjoying it. And I'm happy with the Early Modern English, especially as my own fanfic is eventually going to include a bit of Middle English. Not much though for the benefit of both myself and my readers.

M...middle English? As in,

Nou ich wille þet ye ywite hou hit is ywent
þet þis boc is ywrite mid Engliss of Kent.
Þis boc is ymad vor lewede men
Vor vader and vor moder and vor oþer ken
ham vor to berȝe vram alle manyere zen
þet ine hare inwytte ne bleve no voul wen.
'Huo ase god' in his name yzed,
Þet þis boc made god him yeve þet bread,
Of angles of hevene, and þerto his red,
And ondervonge his zaule huanne þet he is dyad. Amen.

That stage of the language wherein it is very obviously still Germanic but French (and therefore Latin) is starting to sleep with it? The stage where it's basically unreadable to a modern English speaker?

...I can't wait for this.

Hmm, is Cadence misguided or really is Celestia reborn? Guess I have to read on... when the new chapter comes out. =D And I still haven't finish Long Night, Longest Day...

871664 That's the one. Of course, it's for my current fanfic which isn't a Lunaverse fanfic. But maybe when I finally do something for the Lunaverse I'll throw in some as well.:rainbowlaugh:

Okay wow this is a really interesting concept. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I must admit, I like Cadance more than I thought I would and am interested in seeing how she determined that she is Celestia re-born. Did some wacko put the idea in her head? Is she really Celestia in some form? Can't wait to find out!

Her threat was golden. XD In a way she kinda reminds me of Luna on Nightmare Night, personality wise. Trying to fit in to a weird culture and unable to figure out why nopony likes her. It makes me just want to hug her.

Tally ho!

I'm guessing that after she got the wings and the horn, she just kind of assumed (possibly guided by somepony with ulterior motives) that that meant she was Celestia. I mean, do you know of any other alicorns she could be?

Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

871641 871664
My eye got twitchy when you said Middle English, but RDD's follow up...


I... :rainbowlaugh:

...seriously... :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

...couldn't stop... :rainbowlaugh:

...laughing... :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

...long enough... :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

...to even try... :rainbowlaugh:

...reading that.



My theory is that the Elements of Harmony did their job much better than in the main verse. Celestia simply couldn't focus them properly, so both Luna and Nightmare Moon were sealed in the moon. Luna on the other hand was able to wield them more efficiently, and thus her actual desire was closer to the end result. Corona was sealed in the sun, removed from Celestia. However, since Corona had such a deep grip on the body, it wound up going with Corona instead of Celestia.

So Celestia died, her spirit unshielded by a mortal form.

And then she was reborn far away on the same night. Celestia, now 20 years old, physically, has just returned to Canterlot.

This MIGHT be why Corona refused to repent after blasted a second time. There was no part of Celestia left in her to do so.

This also implies that Corona has no idea she is not Celestia.

Nightmare Moon is a distinct personality from Luna, but according to Word of Faust she's not a distinct entity; there is no seperate "Nightmare" and "Luna" beings, there's just Luna, and under the right circumstances (dark magic), Luna is Nightmare Moon.

The best metaphor I've heard is that Luna got hopped up on dark magic the way a druggie gets hopped up on crystal meth or ecstasy. While high, Luna's got a completely different personality becuase she's, well, high. The Elements of Harmony took away the dark magic, allowing her to think straight for the first time in millennia - sort of like what might happen if we could somehow magically remove all drugs from a drug-user's body in an instant.

This is the explenation I've gone with for the Lunaverse. The reason why the same thing doesn't happen to Corona is because there is no dark magic to remove: Corona isn't high. She's just insane.


Well yeah, but your explanation doesn't explain Cadenza. Hard to reincarnate if you are still alive.



I had that coming I suppose. By all means, plot twist away.

I bet we'll get lots of :twistnerd: in this fic!

868753 Chimps are omnivores, they eat bugs and stuff. Beside, everypony know simians are a-holes.

867792 What you don't want to know about is the duck's sexual arms race.

I'm looking it up right now!


Damn, son, I'm partially (formerly fully, buck language attrition) able to speak German as well as English, and I can't read any of that!

Not surprising. English is Germanic, not German. Old and Middle English should be about as hard for someone fluent in German to read as Portuguese and French are for someone who speaks Italian.

Interesting. I shall be reading this with intrigue.

Normally, for characters shouting, I don't like to use capital letters, nor bold text. I find it to be visually distracting. However, as this chapter deals with a bunch of ponies trying to duplicate the Royal Canterlot Volume, followed by Luna coming along and demonstrating it, I felt it was a good idea to break with my tradition. Plus, that made Luna's fade-out much better.

Speaking of: Ooh, a mystery.

Now, then let's see, details, highlights, and explanations...
1) Starlight Shine is a lavender unicorn that just so happens to share a first name with the name of Twilight Sparkle's noble house. Zero points for guessing what he goes on to found.

2) Majordomo. Probably the most familiar majordomo to you all is Zazu, Mufasa's majordomo from The Lion King

3) Cartasole is an indentured servant, let's just get that out of the way right now. This is distinct from slavery, but also easily confused with it. In general, it's probably about as horrible, with the exception that indentured servants can at least contractually look forward to their eventual release, and can probably take their masters to court (and win) if not released when their contract expires. In any event, indentured servitude is just a fact of life to Cadence and Cartasole, at this point; they both probably basically just view it as Cartasole's job. Certainly she trusts and cares for him, and he returns it, by all appearances. Different times, different morals, basically.

4) Cavallian ranks! Statistically speaking, this should look familair to about 1/7th of you. In descending order:

Major Archon
Metropolitan Archon
Diocesan Prelate
Vestarch Vicar
Rector Vicar

These are not noble ranks, but religious ones. They're based off of the Catholic Church's hierarchy, but with a few names swapped out when I didn't want to use Terran equivalents (priest, bishop, pope, etc), with some Latin terms (prelate, praetor) inserted in to make it feel a bit like the cursus honorum of the Romans.

Senatus Populusque Cavallus!

I have no idea what the Cavallian religion is like and don't plan on going into too great a detail; suffice to say that Cadence is basically the second coming to them.

Oh geez. She's Luna's daughter. :facehoof:

Hmm, Cadence eventually did still marry Shining Armor right? Been a while since I read Boast Busted. =s

They're not married as of "Boast Busted" and might not have met yet, but on the other hoof I have gone on record as stating that I think they're too good a couple to break up.


Ah, I see. Good to know. =)

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