Jak never found it odd that he and his sister Pinkie were different from everyone in their village, despite the fact that their friend Daxter pointed it out from time to time. Nor did to the trio find it odd that Jak and Pinkie were raised by Samos the Sage, along with his daughter Keira. Jak never questioned how odd their life was, even when he and Pinkie slowly developed the skills necessary to protect themselves from any dangers the world might throw at them.

Pinkie, on the other hand, knows that there are secrets hidden deep in their past... secrets that will change how she and her brother look at the world around them, while fighting to protect it from those that would seek to do it harm.

(Jak and Daxter crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

Chapters (77)
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Comments ( 452 )

So not only does the author have a Ratchet and Clank story, but he made a Jak and Daxter one?
That's two of the big three game series from the PS2... and I have to wonder what abilities Pinkie will show in this story.

looks like the author is planning a massive multicrossover just like tatsurou (may have mispelled his name as im typing on a 360 and cant look it up at the same time)

8021352 Yeah, it sure seems to be that way... about the crossover I mean.
And don't worry, you spelt the name right.

8021373 i wonder what the future plans for twi and shy are? also if any others are going to be included

8021387 I know that Rainbow and Applejack are in the Dragon Ball Z universe, and of course Pinkie is here... its hard to say where, Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rarity will end up.

8021387 almost forgot to include rarity (massive facehoof)

8021410 Its okay, I forget about her from time to time as well. Its actually kind of easy to do when she's one of my least favorite characters. I don't hate her, as there are plenty in that realm, but I tend to forget she exists from time to time.

Wait, so Pinkie is going to be adventuring with Jak... that seems to be the one pony that might not like what's coming up in the future.
I shall, none the less, see where this goes... and see how bad this Daxter is.

Oh boy, Pinkie is going to be in for the adventure of her life.

What's this? A new crossover story? Wonderful, I shall add it to my library... :pinkiecrazy:

Wait, so either Pinkie forgot her last name... or there's something else that the author is hiding from us.

"What?" Pinkie asked, feeling incredibly silly all of a sudden as she stood back up, "I thought we were going to do a goofy dance once we picked up our first Power Cell."

Dang it, it would have been funny to see the three of them dance when they found the Power Cell.

Pinkie didn't know her last name... I wonder if that means that all is not as it seems.

Such an interesting start to the story... and its good to see that Pinkie is still random or silly at the moment.

Hmm... I like where this is going, despite the fact that not many like the story.

Of course Pinkie pull things out of nowhere and people stop questioning her about it... classic Pinkie.

I like seeing the action and the author telling us that the characters picked up everything in the area they were in.
Definitely deserves a few more views and comments, though that's my opinion.

It looks like Pinkie wants to collect every Precursor Orb and Power Cell that might be laying around, which is good in the long run.

I'm sure your friend, the miserable ugly one,

This is still one of my favorite lines from the first game... that and Daxter's initial reaction once he hears the words leave the old man's mouth.

A Jak and Daxter crossover with Pinkie... I actually feel sorry for their enemies, and the story has barely started.

what does the 'P' stand for

Oh no... I do hope that's not what I think it is.

Also, Keira is freaking hot... and I'm going to say the same for Pinkie, considering that they likely share clothes.

Got to love the Explorer (or uncle if you prefer). That line about Daxter is always funny, despite his transformation into the creature he is now.

Ah the pelican... hated that blasted bird. Took me five tries to get it right the first time because I kept screwing up the jump to get off the small platform the bird was on.

its not like there's anything left on the island that we have to worry about.

And of course Pinkie would be the only one saying something like this.

Sentinel Beach was by far one of the easiest locations in the original Jak and Daxter game, though it was a little short for my tastes.

8045697 Oh come on, the pelican isn't that bad. I had some fun racing to get the Power Cell before the bird grabbed it again.

Sentinel Beach was always a place to relax in whenever I played the Jak and Daxter game... besides the fact that it can be completely cleared in twenty to thirty minutes once you know what your doing.

Sentinel Beach, the easiest zone in the original game. Oh well, now we can wait for Misty Island.

Smart thinking Pinkie, using the Green Eco wells to heal your wounds. There is hope for her in this story.

hehe, you make it sound so easy... yet i died so many times on the misty island :pinkiehappy:

Pinkie and Jak make everything look easy... I'm a little jealous.

8051895 Misty Island is a tricky place to get around, as I remember dying many times over before finally giving up and continuing the story until I decided to go back.

8051974 with the misty island i just spent 3-4 days just trying to get past it all. somehow managed to complete t, but i never gave up. but i think i lost a few brain cells through frustration

8052111 Funny thing, the first time I actually beat the game I didn't have all 101 Power Cells, so I didn't see the 'secret' ending and had to go back to the island to get the ones I missed.

8052128 hehe, i only had 98 until i had to get them from literally everywhere but mist island :pinkiehappy:

8052145 Nice. It takes some time, but eventually practice makes perfect for Misty Island.

8052177 yeah. i think it should have been given access to later on in the game though

8052208 I always thought that Misty Island should have been locked until a certain point, maybe reaching the Red Sage's place, and then you can go back. At least that is how I would have had it done.

8052235 yeah. but you have to give credit for where credit is due. for the first properly open world game without loading screens, they did a damn good job

Good riddance, I never liked that island in the actual game when I was younger. Its easier these days, after memorizing where everything is and what you need to do, but in the past it was harder.

8052419 Agreed. You have to give Naughty Dog credit for the world they were able to create.

Those two, Jak and Pinkie, make the hardest part of the first game look like a cake walk. I wish there was a companion like person in the game, but the game was still fun regardless.

8052425 indeed! it is a shame Jak and Daxter is being forgotten though... at least where i live

Now we get to head through Fire Canyon and enter Rock Village. I wonder how this group will react to the large creature that they'll be seeing soon.

8052441 Yeah, people either remember Sly Cooper or Ratchet and Clank... never poor old Jak and his pal Daxter.

Ah, I remember this island... I had good times running through the place, kicking Lurker's in the rear, collecting anything necessary for the story, and then laughing as I left it behind. Ah, good times.

8052451 well, that or crash bandikoot. i know i probably spelled that wrong.
i see no reason why they'd forget Jak and Daxter. great story, effective use of game play and game mechanics and most of all, it's really fun to play

Ah, they're heading to the Precursor Basin first... that place was a headache.

Well, that's one part of the game taken care of. I wonder how they'll handle the Basin...

Daxter is right, I actually found the Precursor Basin to be quite fun. Then again, I did like to use the zoomer a lot when I played the game.

Oh by the Divines, not the Basin. That place gives me headaches.

You mean that's not normal?

Of course a village on fire isn't normal... honestly, Daxter was kind of stupid in the first game.

So Pinkie is actually a decent zoomer rider... interesting.

Of course Daxter is impatient to get to the end of the quest, but at least he's willing to listen to reason... sometimes it seems.

I did not see that coming... Pinkie riding the zoomer I mean.

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