• Published 12th Mar 2017
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Yes, My Lady - Tatsurou

Scootaloo must step into her inheritance, protecting Equestria from devious criminals and dark conspiracies alike, all while staying close to her friends. Thankfully, she's got the help of one devil of a butler.

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Chapter 1

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle sat in the Crusader Clubhouse, their faces scrunched up with worry. Yet again, Scootaloo wasn't there with them. It had been this way for quite some time. Admittedly, this was nothing new in and of itself. Scootaloo lived alone in Ponyville and often would spend a great deal of time somewhere else, never telling anyone where that was exactly. She'd even said she'd be out of town a few days last time they met up. The only problem was that was a month ago, and nopony had seen fur or feather of her since! The adults may be shrugging it off as something taking up extra time, but Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were both certain something was terribly wrong.

"Scoot still ain't back," Apple Bloom murmured finally. "Do...do ya think she's okay?"

"I...I don't know," Sweetie Belle replied. "I...I hope so. Do you think we should ask Princess Twilight again?"

"No," Apple Bloom responded sadly. "She's still so busy figuring out what she's gotta do as a Princess, and what that box means. Applejack told me she ain't really got time fer much else." She frowned irritably. "Discord, maybe? He might know-"

"I tried," Sweetie Belle interrupted. "I went over to Fluttershy's two weeks ago and asked to talk to him. When I asked Discord about Scootaloo, he said he couldn't tell me anything about her." She glanced away, her eyes clouded with worry.

"How come ya didn't tell me sooner?" Apple Bloom asked worriedly.

"It's...the way he said it," Sweetie Belle explained. "He said...'That filly is beyond my power now.' I...I don't know what that means, but...it's scary."

Apple Bloom stifled a whimper, doing her best to try and be strong. "It's...it's gonna be okay, Sweetie," she said, moving over to her friend to pull her into a comforting hug. "Scoot's...Scoot's really tough. She'll...she'll come scootin' down the trail to the clubhouse one o' these days like nothin's happened, and everythang's gonna be okay again."

Sweetie Belle sniffled as she returned the embrace, her eyes staring out towards that path Apple Bloom had mentioned, hoping and praying she might see Scootaloo coming down it any moment now. Her eyes were so tear-blurred that at first she missed the flash of orange amongst the autumn leaves. The accompanying purple, however, quickly caught her attention. Releasing Apple Bloom, she raced over to the window and stared out. "No way..." she murmured hopefully.

As Apple Bloom joined her at the window, the figure could barely be made out. Scootaloo was indeed buzzing down the path on her scooter, but her movements lacked their normal excitement. Her entire stance seemed bowed down with the weight of the world, she looked slimmer than when they last saw her, her mane was long enough that the back hung to her shoulders instead of being cut short, and she wore a black eyepatch over her right eye. "S...Scootaloo?" Sweetie Belle gasped out in shock.

As the figure's head lifted, the visible eye lit up at the sight of the Clubhouse and the two waiting fillies, and her movements became more energized.

"Scootaloo!" Apple Bloom screamed out, and the pair of fillies charged down the ramp to greet their friend, tackling her off her scooter and pulling her into a tight hug. Scootaloo returned the embrace just as fervently, doing her best to hide a few winces as the tight embrace apparently brushed a few sensitive points on her barrel and legs.

"Missed you too, girls!" Scootaloo replied warmly. As the embrace finally broke, she rubbed the back of her head. "Sorry I was gone so long. Things...kinda came up." Seeing her friends about to bombard her with questions, she held up both front hooves desperately. "Please, don't ask! It's...let's just say I've had to take up some family responsibilities which...aren't entirely pleasant to think about. It also means the time I get to spend down here in Ponyville is more limited than before...so every moment is precious."

Sweetie Belle tilted her head in confusion, but Scootaloo winced at the look of almost instant understanding and empathy that crossed Apple Bloom's face. "Okay Scoot, we won't ask," she promised. "We'll just have fun together, like we always do."

"But...what about this?" Sweetie asked, pointing at the eyepatch. "What happened to your-"

She was cut off as Apple Bloom gently pushed her hoof aside. "Let's not ask, okay?" Though Sweetie remained confused, she nodded assent.

Scootaloo managed a soft smile. "Thanks girls. I promise, I'll send you as many answers as I can as soon as possible. But for now...let's get to crusading!" She glanced towards her blank flank. "Let's see if I can get something awesome on here before I'm stuck with something responsible." All three girls stuck their tongues out together with a concerted 'Bleh!' at that idea, before giggling and rushing off into the orchard to find something 'awesome' to Crusade in.

As such, none noticed the pitch black figure collecting Scootaloo's helmet and scooter before sauntering into the Clubhouse.

Several hours later, just before 4 o'clock, the three fillies staggered back towards the Clubhouse, laughing, stumbling, and covered in tree sap. "Well, no Cutie Marks," Scootaloo spoke up, "but that was definitely a good day! Thanks girls."

"Anytime, Scoot!" Apple Bloom promised, resting a hoof on her friend's shoulders. "Anything ya need, Scoot. Anything."

"Same here!" Sweetie promised, though her confusion returned as she glanced back and forth between her friends.

Scootaloo smiled warmly as the trio staggered towards the clubhouse. Her smile turned into a confused frown as she saw her scooter tied up to the ramp with the helmet hanging off the handlebars, both freshly polished. "...what the...?" she murmured in confusion.

Sweetie Belle suddenly sniffed the air. "Do you girls smell quiche?" she asked curiously, remembering when Rarity had made it for breakfast once.

Curious, Apple Bloom sniffed the air. "It's coming from the Clubhouse?" she gasped in shock.

While Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle looked confused and worried, Scootaloo took one whiff at the air and became...incensed. Angrily stomping up the ramp, she threw the door of the Clubhouse open with a bang. The other fillies followed her up, only to gasp in shock.

Their stout little table was covered in snowy white linen, with the finest porcelain set up with three place settings. In the center of the table, a delectable quiche sat wafting its heavenly aroma through the small room. A pitch black creature was pouring steaming, fragrant tea into three mugs as they entered, and it took a bit for the girls to realize it was a griffon. His feline portion was a panther, and his avian portion was crow. His hooked beak clicked idly as he carefully measured the tea into each cup, his black wings folded tightly to the suit jacket he was wearing, framing his slim build. White gloves shaped to his talons, leaving only the very tips of those lethal claws free as he held the pot. His calm crimson eyes watched the steam curl in the air. Setting the teapot down, he turned towards the door, his eyes immediately locking on Scootaloo. "Oh, Countess," he murmured softly in a pleasant, subservient voice, "you've made such a mess of yourself. Would you care to wash up before your afternoon tea? I have enough for your friends as well."

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle's jaws hung freely. They turned slowly towards Scootaloo. "Countess?" they gasped out in shock.

Scootaloo's eyes blazed in anger. "Sebastian!" she growled in inarticulate fury.