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Everything is a thing, somewhere.

This story, omg. So much giggling was induced. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh god this is so deliciously awkward :rainbowlaugh: gotta endure it a bit more twi....

She sent the wrong pictures! It was an honest mistake!

I dunno does this need a comedy tag? :rainbowlaugh:

So I added a comedy tag to this. I dunno, I thought it was funny. But then, I wrote it, so I should hope I thought it was funny, or else how I can expect anypony else to feel that way is beyond me.

You decide!

Wow! That was an amusing and weird story, but ultimately very good! Perhaps it doesn't need to be split into chapter though. Good work! :twilightsmile:

Plushophilia is something of a niche fetish, it seems. Well, here's a story for those plushophiles out there!

Beautiful. I love how you used the plush as an intermediary between Flutters and Twi, as well as them pretending that it was a stallion breeding them both. Best kind of sexy-talk imo.

Oh gosh the implications... I really hope it's true!

Zephyr would totally do that.:pinkiegasp:

Glad you enjoyed the read!

8062192 I meant Flutters getting preggers with her brother's foal and Twi with her marefriend's brother's foal, then them getting together and raising them as their own...and/or Zephyer being brought in as herd stud! Funny thing, the foals could look a lot like 'Butterscotch' too, given their genes are from both Fluttershy and/or her sibling, adding to the illusion of 'Butterscotch breeding them'.:pinkiecrazy:

Though, you should add implied unintentional incest and implied impregnation to the tags list given said implications in that last chapter.

As a final thing, great writing and would love to see a sequel with the conversation with Zephyer and resolutions! :pinkiehappy:

Mmm...I could see those tags on derpi or something, but I dunno if the reader drawing their own conclusions counts for such specific tagging :pinkiecrazy:

By the way, clever conclusion :raritywink:

Loved every bit of this very well written and wonderful story hope their will be sequel to it maybe six or seven sequels to it. This was very entertaining and very well paced. Each character in this was how I would expect to see them very well thought out.

Twilight shuddered. Fluttershy sat back against the arm of the couch and pulled Twilight with her, resting the alicorn between her splayed hind legs. She then gently placed one hoof over Twilight’s, and guided it down between her purple thighs, as she continued to inject Twilight’s brain with liberal doses of saccharine.

Yes, I too, like my brain being injected with splenda

Yeah, but in all seriousness this is one of the best (and strangest) stories I've ever read, you are truly a master writer, wishywish:yay:

Aw, ya make me blush :twilightsheepish:

I particularly enjoyed writing this one.


Anytime, now how about a sequel to purple weed cosmopolitan :unsuresweetie: please, it was so good

Well, that depends on the patron, who I think was hoping to add other sorts of fetishes into it, but we'll see. Meanwhile I've got an idea book full of prompts :pinkiecrazy:

Yeah, and you could also include other ponies, like the rest of the CMC

Potentially, though it was primarily a romance story between Spike and Sweetie Belle. I'm somewhat bound on stories like that by the wishes of the patron given it was a commission, but we'll see. Plus I have a number of my own ideas I hope to get to soon, which I have more freedom with :scootangel:

You have my interest.

But wait...there's more! :pinkiehappy:

You did not disappoint.:pinkiesmile:

I did enjoy this one in particular :twilightsheepish:

My mouth's hanging open right now and I feel a little... stunned?
Not because Fluttershy ordered that, mind you. But because you managed to make her frightening. If that is what her instincts in springtime do to her, I'd be sure to stay at least half a mile away, just to be safe. :rainbowderp:
Twi - you're the princess of friendship, not the princess of rutting or manics. Animate that dreaded thing and teleport away. Far, far away. For your own safety - Fluttershy's clearly out of her mind... :applejackconfused:

Hm. My head's a little... chaotic, right now. A lot of thoughts. Let's pour some of those out here.
So, your writing is top-notch, obviously. And the interactions between Twilight and Fluttershy were great. A lot of fun, in character. The two of them searching for a name for the toy was hilarious.
Putting all the good aside, though - something felt wrong. It started at a certain point within this chapter and from that point onwards, something just... felt wrong. Not strong enough to be called 'dangerous' or 'disturbing', just... wrong.

“…do you really think he knows?”

That was the point Twilight started to treat the toy like it wasn't what it is. Sure, she recovered - for a short time. That's the point where things went downhill fast, for me, too.
When I started writing this comment, I thought that this just might not have been my 'cup of tea'. But the more I think about it, the more this 'mystery' unravels. Both Fluttershy and Twilight have dangerously unstable personalities. Okay, to be honest - most of the main seven have. This chapter made me think of Fluttershy's episode with Iron Will. Her becoming mean, aggressive, deluding herself into whatever illusion she built for herself. She has a tendency to get lost in her own world, usually built by fear and anxiety. Acting like a maniac - as she did at the end of last chapter - made me wary. Made me feel like she's on the brink of losing it again.
And Twilight, well... I don't need to count down each and every time her marvellous mind got the better of her, do I?
There's playing make-believe, which is fine, really. It isn't a toy, no, it's actually a he, a real he. But playing has to end eventually and those two are more prone to actually endanger themselves with nothing more than simple thought than most of their friends. Here, though, it doesn't feel like it ended - at all. Their fantasy continues and might, eventually, contort their perception of reality. Working with a toy to overcome your anxieties or to live your fantasies is all fine and dandy, but what they did here just screams 'unhealthy' at me.
I know that there's an epilogue and I'm obviously gonna read it. (Because I hate it to leave stories unfinished.) I suppose that I'm even gonna upvote it, because as I said initially - the writing is really good.
But I think this story could be improved if, somewhere, somehow, it would be made a little more clear that it was a game for both of them, nothing more. (I don't expect that to be part of the epilogue.) Then again, maybe I'm just taking this too seriously...

Somehow, Zephyr still manages to trigger my gag-reflex... :twilightoops: And no, not in that way. :ajbemused:
The implied incest? Yeah, totally not my cup of tea. At least I can understand Fluttershys and Twilights reaction. "Keep calm - what's done has been done, just deal with the consequences when they come... if they come... hopefully, they don't..."
And somehow, the implied incest feels rather... tame, compared to the previous chapters. Weird.

Anyway. I stand by what I said previously. Good writing, could be improved. Still - thank you. :twilightsmile:

I dunno I think Zephyr just saw a neat toy and wanted to try it out. And then Fluttershy is like...ummmm that was me what..... :rainbowlaugh:

That was mostly just to insert some humor and a 'wtf did we do last night' bit at the end tho, heh. I guess this story was pretty fetishy, but it worked for me anyway. Glad you had a good time at least! :twilightsmile:

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