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Sunset Shimmer is trying her hardest to be nice to everyone she meets at CHS. When she accidentally upsets a girl (with a strange name), she tries her hardest to correct that.

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Oh man that was brilliant xd

A Pimp Named Slickback

Love the Boondocks reference. i think some did an MLP crossover with that episode.

Now that! That was grade A humor right there! Like straight out of a TV show humor! Barely any of that kind here. You deserve a bike and a favorite my friend... like not bike.

I thought the word that does start with a K was gonna be kunt.

XDDDD Man I wish I could write like this XD

8012464 Thanks for reading

8012915 No ya don't. My style of writing is actually kind of a mess, and a you can no doubt do better than me with just a bit of practice.

I can actually relate to this, because I have a cousin named Sinnaman (it's spelled like that because my aunt couldn't spell worth a damn then.) :eeyup:

8013198 Oh boy, bet your cousin got a lot of jokes related to this song... (Great song, but I feel sorry for them.)

Fantastic, absolutely fantastic.:rainbowlaugh:

8013212 She didn't, surprisingly enough. She got a lot of 'yo mamma so stupid' jokes instead.

Which is true, since her mom dropped out of school at some point.

8013262 Hey, I dropped out of school so that doesn't mean one who does is stupid.

8013398 True, but I've also seen my aunt's stupidity beforehand, so her case I can verify. She has a son named Kasey, but calls him Buckwheat (yes, Buckwheat) because she can't spell 'Casey.'

So I haven't read this, but I saw the "A K" in the title, and my mind went to A.K. Yearling, who we know writes and is Daring Do in the show. Now this made me think "If Daring Do is a true series in Equestria, then would it also be true in EQG?"

I'm not much of a writer, and I have no idea if this has been done before, but if it has, I'm interested in reading, and if it hasn't, then someone, please steal this idea.


8017323 I'm pretty sure Daring Do is confirmed for the next EG.

Really? I haven't been keeping up to date, but that sounds really cool.

“But it is. It's like Alexander the Great, or A Tribe Called Quest, or A Pimp Named Slickback. You have to say the whole thing.”

Undeniably the best line in the story!

Flash doesn’t count...

True, true...

and you can only count Twilight once.

Wow, that's rude. :trollestia:

This was a really stupid fic with an even stupider premise. But fuck it, it was fun anyway.

Kinnamon With A K

Not gonna lie i read the title and immediate heard Pumped Up Kicks.
(Yes, i'm American.)

Is the implication here that Kinnamon with a K is gonna shoot up the school?


Cinnamon with A K

in my head it read

Cinnamon with AK(47)

Ah. A bit of a reach, but Pumped Up Kicks is a fantastic song, so whatever works for you

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