• Published 7th Jul 2012
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The Beginning of Chaos, Alicorns, and the Elements - Tyler-the-Brony

The tale of a time before the Kingdoms, and a long forgotten enemy and friend of Equestria.

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Part 1: Prologue - A Glance at Fate

Between the homeland of the Zebra’s, Zebrika, and the home of the ponies, Equestria, there sits a vast mostly unexplored desert known only as the Desert of Fate. While it would appear and be known to most everypony that there were no inhabitants of this desert, that was not entirely true. There was but a single hidden inhabitant of the Desert of Fate.

This inhabitant had not forsaken the confines of the Desert of Fate for close to 1600 years at this point in time. This inhabitant was an almighty sorcerer, assistant of Star Swirl the Bearded himself and personal magic instructor to both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. This mighty inhabitants name was Dune Star, and he too was an alicorn like the Princesses of Equestria.

Dune Star studied the Magic of Time greatly, same as his mentor had before him. Dune Star had at last fully succeeded and surpassed his mentor 200 years ago thanks to his long life span thus far. Dune Star studied all kinds of magic after finishing his Time Magic research, having need of a great amount of activities to pass his free time in the Desert of Fate.

Dune Star had another purpose for being within the Desert of Fate aside from the solitude required to truly and fully master the toughest kinds of magic known and unknown. Dune Star was both a watchmen and a guard in the Desert of Fate, which he still felt held all the ties to his own destiny and future. This Desert had once held home to Dune Star’s first friends and his greatest foe, all of them having been entrusted to Dune Star by his mentor upon his deathbed.

Star Swirl the Bearded had used the last of his magic and life force on two separate Time spells, each beyond modern conception in their own rights. The first spell Star Swirl the Bearded had used had sealed away the greatest Enemy Equestria had ever known until such a time as those who could defeat him could be present. The second spell Star Swirl the Bearded had cast before his death was to preserve those who could help in the eventual final battle against the Enemy, knowing full well they could not survive as long as was needed without his help.

Below the cave where Dune Star studied and slept most of his days, much as his master had, lay a chamber where the six ponies Star Swirl the Bearded had entrusted Dune Star to keep safe until the Enemy’s eventual return were kept. As Dune Star descended the stairs to do his yearly inspection of the room where these ponies lay asleep, a roar ripped through the chamber, bringing a typhoon like wind alongside it.

Dune Star braced himself with his magic and his wings for a moment before the mysterious roar and wind subsided into nothingness all around him. Dune Star quickly descended the remainder of the path to the ponies below with his wings, and was mostly unsurprised to see the ponies beginning to awaken.

Dune Star looked before him for a moment before he closed his eyes for a moment and used his Time magic to gleam a part of the future a short ways ahead of the present. Dune Star saw the true source of the roar and the wind that had just recently ripped through the cave. The roar had indeed emanated from the Enemy. And soon enough, he Enemy would be returning, much as Star Swirl the Bearded had predicted so long ago.

Dune Star opened his eyes again and freed himself of his magic just as the Six Leaders of Legend rose fully before him and waited for an explanation as to the current situation they had just now awoken in.

“He is returning it seems. I estimate in less than a year’s time He will return to Equestria. We must find the new Bearers and rally the greatest forces we have. Remain here and re-accustom yourselves with the dormant powers within you. I will return for you in a short time once I have alerted those who must know now.” Dune Star calmly explained to the ponies before him, glad to see that none of their intelligence had left them in their near 1600 year slumber.

Dune Star turned around from his current position in the chamber, and quickly took to the air with his wings as to quickly get to his writing supplies in order to more quickly embark on his long and necessary journey.

“Those two must be the first to know of His return. They will alert the others that must know now and gather them for me. I am certain of at least that much in all this uncertainty.” Dune Star spoke aloud as he landed near his desk and prepared to dictate his letter with his magic as he searched for his cloak as he had not for near 1600 years.

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