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At a slumber party, the Mane 6, Cadence and Shining swap stories of getting in trouble.

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Oh yes :pinkiesad2:, many's the time I've reminisced about childhood spankin...

WAIT, WHAT?! :pinkiegasp:

8004099 Yes, I was merely commenting on the synopsis.
This fic is on my 'to read' list for the intriguing description alone, it wasn't meant as criticism... :raritywink:

8003970 You're lucky you only got a spanking. As a child my parents gave me a straight up beating.

Spankings are kinda lazy. You want to stop a behavior and prevent similar behavior? Explain to the kid what's wrong or better yet lead em to the answer. Logic will cause them to figure out why untouched behaviors should not be done.

A bigger problem is that Spike is kleptomaniacal in this story and spanking him won't do anything. If Twilight really wants to stop said behavior, she needs to talk to a medical specialist

Oooooh, i like it cant wait for another chapter :pinkiehappy:

My parents used to BEAT me. Spankings are getting off easy.

"Life is like a hurricane...here in Cloudsdale."
"Dash tales...awoho!"

I liked how the punishment was handled and I really liked the implication that the reason why it happened cut more than the switching did.

Also enjoyed the mention of simple Nature based magic being used by Earth Ponies.:twilightsmile:

If you're a minor, you should contact the authorities. That isn't right.

Fluttershy has no idea how brave it was (by her standards) for her to volunteer for punishment.

Fluttershy can be very brave when she tries to be.

She is brave when she needs to be but it has to feel comparable to running into a house fire every time she does it:twilightblush:
Being able to do that as a more easily unnerved filly makes it more impressive

:moustache: I never got spanked...
:duck: Really ? I find that hard to believe Spikey Boo
:moustache: Twilight would just hit me with a book
:twilightoops: It was a soft cover ! Sometimes a rolled up magazine
:moustache: More like A through W in the Encyclopedia Equestria Volume IV Revision 223
:raritystarry::facehoof: He was such a bad dragon

Rarity took a dainty bite from a marshmallow. "I suppose I'll go next since everypony else has shared a story. Of course, I was a well behaved filly, but sometimes-and only sometimes..."

, this is going to be the juiciest of the lot.

Spanking can depend on the kid in question. Yes explaining why something is wrong can be good to but some kids will do things anyway even after things are explained. Kids aren't logical like a adults and even if they really do get why something is wrong they like to experiment for themselves. I have a lady upstairs to me who seems to always be yelling at her kids but the thing is even when she calmly explains to them what not to do they still do it anyway. She explains to them after and before hand why she's doing what she does to them so its not the same as someone just having a bad day, walking in the room and hitting them.

I agree with you.
Did you like the story?

Yes, I like these kind of cute slice of life stories.

So we hear from Cadance soon...:pinkiegasp:

The seventh spank whacked across his roasted rump, turning his backside a dark pink which stood out against his white fur.

A seventh whack smacked across his rump and then an eighth fell just as quickly

Aside from strike seven happening twice; nice chapter:pinkiesmile:

Fixed. Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you're enjoying the story.:twilightsmile:

I see where it is going, can't wait, great job writing this.

Spankings are nothing lol. When i was little i got straight up beatings

I don't know how, but you somehow made a story about spanking entertaining and heartwarming.

:moustache: No one spanked me I was a very good dragon!
:facehoof: baloney you burned all the paddles and switches before they had a chance to be used...
:trollestia: I used a special riding crop just for dragons
:raritystarry: so that's where he got that terrible idea!:twilightoops:

Very Nice End...
Lives room for a follow up with some of the others tho too ...

One question...do they move their tails out of the way before they spank them? Also I'm guessing if you're going to re make this chapter with all the canon created you might have to change some things, huh?

...Whoops. I never mention it, but I din't think the tail offers complete protection for their rumps.

Thanks for commenting.

Makes sense and never a problem. Reading on.

Kids quickly figure out that being yelled at and threatened means nothing when the threats aren't followed by punishment.
The yelling just becomes empty noise.
That's why a parent should never make any threats or promises that a loving parent wouldn't carry out.

I'd like to read a non-spanking centered story with this kind of magic in it.

I'd honestly like to write one. Hmm...

A longer sigh came from Mrs. Shy. "I hate to do it, but...do you think...do you think you should get the same punishment Dash got?"

Fluttershy mustered up her bravery. It wasn't much. "Yes."

All I can say is....I teared up here. I was so proud of Fluttershy. And so sorry for what she was facing. It was deserved, yes...but its not easy to willingly accept that kind of discipline. I've done it. Not easy at all. Fluttershy, you have my respect and sympathy. :ajsleepy:

Filthy Rich is Diamond Tiara's father not Rarity's.

Or that's what he wants you to think.

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