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Shadowed Song

Life is Magic


A group of story ideas that I've started on, ranging from cute slice of slife to destructive robot wars. As time permits, I may expand them, so feedback is appreciated.

Eolotthowghrhoighuay: A play on words dreaming about a play on words.

What We Did Last Night: After a night of fun, a couple come to grips with their choice.

Secure, Contain, Pony: ██████ ███ ███ █████ ███████ ███.

To Be Free: A robot thinks on a battlefield.

De Morte Machina: Waking up doesn't always save you from the nightmare.

The Vase in the Woods: A little girl has a series of birthdays.

One Shot to Save the World: A twist on world building.

The Day I Met my Double: A chef tries to stop his world from becoming lunch.

A Little Story: Communication is Key

Did You See It: Bet you didn't.

Impossible Even Now: What Title

Memory of a Broken Girl: A true story?

Chapters (12)
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well this is more bizarre than an actual scp foundation entry how do you kill a forever healing crocodile and I'm pretty sure the plague doctor could just kill each pony in one shot

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