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After many visits to the Crystal Empire, Twilight and her friends finally get to go without any problems or duties. Twilight visits the crystal library and stumbles upon a hidden section. She learns a shocking secret about her family history and realizes all the lies she has been told by her brother, parents, and Celestia. She must come to terms with her friends, family, and her sister .

Edited by Colt Bolt

Old cover art by Kana the Drifter
Current Cover art by me

Chapters (9)
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Comment posted by DiegoProductions deleted Apr 5th, 2017
Comment posted by Fluttercord4Lyfe deleted Apr 5th, 2017

It's OK, I once came up for a concept for an RPG in a dream and am working on it right now.
It's very good, but there are a view formatting and punctuation blips that could use work.
Just keep practicing and working.

8075012 Yea this is my first fic so. Glad to know I'm not the only one with odd dreams.

Good job on this. I like where this is going and I agree with your choice on what everypony is doing but I think Twi would go see her brother first

This should have more views than it has, it's pretty amazing, I hope it gets more love, it may be the next most popular fic.

8075707 True. I just needed to move the story along.

8075910 Thanks for the nice comment. I couldn't have done this without you.

Before I read this, what is the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

8109050 The dark tag is because it involves some dark elements. I won't spoil it, but think back to Sombra in the season 3 premier.

Great story!
Hope it continues

Great story I hope you can update soon becuase I would like to se what is going to happen to Stralight when she finds out she has a sister

Comment posted by Crystal Static deleted Apr 23rd, 2017

Great chapter please continue! :twilightsmile:

you have caught my eyes and imagination PLEASE CONTINUE!

Great chapter can't wait for the next one boy I would not like to be in Celestial hooves when Twilight and Starlight come to visit her

I hope you will be able to update soon please

A little sudden change but cool

Comment posted by Umbra Animo deleted May 16th, 2017

8166575 Heads up, your comment will be deleted due to profanity. You may post it again, but please make it age appropriate.

8166728 oh i can just edit it "sees comment was delated" or not

Welp they bucked up
(Hey its kid friendly :ajsmug:

Hey guys, I was wondering. Do you like the song? My friends wanted some feedback.

8075707 I know, but she had nothing she needed to tell him about so she could always fdo that later.

Please give me one spoiler, is Starlight her sister here? You use tags where I just have to ask for some informations since I rarely find a story with that tags that are to my liking.

Actually the quote is "As far as I'm concerned, their the only family I have left!"

Sorry. Couldn't help it. :twilightsheepish:

Oooohhhh a difficult choice I guess, Flash Sentry I mean. I'm not that forgiving if a character had not a good introduction or personality in the show.

Well....I try to give him a chance now.

"Then why did you hide it from us?" Fluttershy blushed, "Oh, I know what's going on here. You have a crush on Discord."

At first I disliked that shipping to, mostly because it was one of those (obvious once, the "it's the first girl/boy I see, which is the only one I can fall in love with" type of romance.

However I kind of got used to this shipping. It is still much better than (Spike X Rarity, Pinkie X Cheese, or even .....Celestia X Luna X Human.....i admit I forgot the last one I wanted to mention.

She decided to go to the home of a certain stallion she admired. He was none other than Sunburst.

..............I can't....this is exactly what I meant, I guess I can't blame you, but this is that kind of "oh he was my first friend back then" kind of love I meant that I dislike a bit, or that I don't believe in.
It is one of those to much, but I try to read more since the chapters are rather short. I can stand one or two of those but till now there are not many unusual and interessting shippings for me.

Not sure what the others said, but I think you shouldn't delet to many comments, at a certain level it starts to look like you maybe can't take the critism. I just want to tell you what I saw in different stories.

As for the song, I wrote it, except for the ending which was written by my friend who shall not be named.

Sorry I thought she was reading in a book, well I'm pretty tired already.

HHmmmm I'm not sure if you already had thought of a reason in which way Twilight is actually a part of Sombras family tree.
I guess with how old he is and because of some other stories I could think of some reasons.
Well maybe Sombra is not old, but I believe there was a spell that made them skip a few years and maybe one of them espaced from town or something.

"No, I'm not okay! How could you be so oblivious!"

"Starlight I don't know what you're talking about."

"I loved you! How could you not notice?!"

Maybe there was nothign to notice. Sorry that is more or less meant for Starlight not for you the author. It is like just living your life and screaming at someone that he ignored your birthday when you never told him.
I think it isn't that obvious everytime, I know someone who always thought that a girl would love him just because she was looking at him or more around the class sometimes (she just sat across of him).
What I mean is I personally don't like to jump the gun and just assume stuff.

Like before this isn't against you and only about how the characters acted. I don't know how to say it, but I can only "react" that way because the characters "acted" like that, which is why I sometimes think that it has to be a bit stupid sometimes. Don't worry I keep remembering this is your first story and my taste is different from others.

"Why did you never ask me!" There were tears in Starlight's eyes now.

"Because I didn't like you in that way!"

Maybe even because it was looking like a pretty normal friendship.

I think the next part is maybe actually helpfull

Shining Armor read the note for the third time in a row. His sister found out about her destiny and hated him. He couldn't talk to her. Not while she was this angry

I think you shouldn't make her only go to destroy everything just because a book said it. I understand her hating the people who knew about it and never told her, but if Celestia or someone else had nothing to do with it, I would suggest you let it play out different.
Either you give her a good reason to hate her like Celestia or her friends overreacting in a way that makes Twilight doubting them, otherwise maybe...........urgh what was it again.
I think what I meant to say was, that Twilight could more or less just....make her....own plans and then....
No matter what I try to say, it always seems to do with Celestia or someone else doing something stupid. I would totally love it if you would even mention something along the lines of "Celestia trying to force her own version of a destiny on her, that is if you believe in that.

I'm one of those that like to take it a bit more serious and even thinking about all the sitution when it maybe wasn't clever of Celestia to lay back and letting Twilight handle everything or making her princess against her will.
1. I think Twilight didn't knew she would transform and
2. Maybe Twilight was just to obsessed with Celestia to act differently and if you see it that way it should have been Celestias job to not let it happen.

8204412 Sorry if it wasn't clear. I meant Twilight was angry at Celestia for literally never telling her that she was, ya know, adopted. Also, the mare started a freakin cult after she lost him. Clearly, she likes him as something more than a friend.

8205214 Okay I guess that makes a little bit more sense thank you.

8204343 I can take the criticism. Some comments were deleted due to extreme profanity. Two were deleted because they were from the editing stages.

As of recently, I began to dislike Flashlight, so I've been planning to have Twilight fall out of love with Flash.

I imagined that she and Starlight were kinda like Anakin Skywalker, they were created by him but were still related to him by blood. They are ponies created entirely from magic.

When the heck is this gonna be updated?

Very soon, I assure you, I'm almost done with the next chapter since it was longer than the rest of the chapters.

like I said, I'll be updating soon.

Thanks for the update another great chapter I hope you can update again very soon

I liked it could have been actually pointed out and first she sung it out load first time i read it thought it was in her mind only

Ohhhh I want moar!!!!!!:flutterrage:

I forgot which reason was mentioned in the short chapters before, but I only remember that I thought it was a weird reason that suddenl made the pure evil.

i mean either it was actually that Twilight felt betrayed or this was some sort of weird destiny as a Villain thing.

However a nice chapter, at least it looke like one to me......okay...uhhhmmm I mean it had enough words and i liked it.:pinkiehappy:

It's not that people shouldn't like your story, but that the readers shouldn't "pressure" the author into writing more chapters. New chapters come out when they come out. You really needn't be bothered by this.

I agree with dhannibal its likely its just a do more post in a demanding tone not a please do more or some thing

Pretty cool! Where are you going with this fic?

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