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Twilight Sparkle and her friends begin to suddenly transform into their more powerful selves. Of course, it has to be activated by something, but what does cause them to transform for the first time?

Part of the Cornerverse-MLP Universe. Extra character tags will be added with chapters.
I bumped this up to teen because of certain subjects brought up that could be triggering to some people, but I will provide warnings in author notes.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 11 )

This truly shows how Generous Rarity is <3

"make6"? :derpyderp1:

And I hope they call Family Services for this.

Hell yes, AJ! I wish I had someone like that around when I was in middle school.

Please tell me that Rainbow Dash is next :D

Ouch for all of them. Twilight probably regrets to some extent in sealing the records .

"He" must have received the change from before he joined flight school and got his cutie mark along with the others of the Mane 6. :rainbowhuh:

8024465 ? I am unsure of what you're trying to say? Sorry?

In "Call of the Cutie", Fluttershy is shown to already be a female when she's in flight camp, meaning that if he is indeed a trans, as you have him in your headcanon, then the gender change would have needed to happen before he joined flight camp, when he was still a colt.

8024498 Oh, I see. You've got it backwards. Trans male means 'born female, and transitions to male', so Fluttershy was female, but hasn't yet transitioned to male. In fact, within my headcanons, Fluttershy doesn't tell anyone for quite a while, letting them all use she/her pronouns until actually coming out as a trans male(probably when he's 20-ish?(I headcanon him as currently 18)), and being accepted by friends and family.
That said, some people do transition early if they figure it out and their parents are accepting. So if it had been the other way, then it would have worked anyway.

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