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Been in the Fandom since 2011, Favourite Pony is Twilight. Ive wrote on FIMFIC before with little sucess, gonna try a fresh start


After a warp pad malfunction, Peridot (Facet 2F5L Cut 5XG) is teleported to Equestria. With nothing but her tape recorder to chronicle her descent into madness, she begins to document her findings of Equestria, Ponies and the Magic of Friendship

* Edited by Cyanhyde, https://www.fimfiction.net/user/Cyanhyde (Love you Bestie <3)

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Comments ( 88 )

She is so cute. You nailed her voice perfectly. :heart:

Lapidot is best ship

Wow you did a really good job with Peridot's speech pattern and personality! I am interested! :D

7985526 Why Thank you! <3 I actually think and talk a lot like her so it was quite easy for me XD

Keep this up man that was hilarious! "Stamp out the defective" man that was funny good work I love both MLP and SU!

7985685 Thanks so much for your kind comments ^^, I currently have her report on Twilight in the editing stage

Eagerly awaiting for the Pinkie Pie report, and the unavoidable sanity loss. :pinkiehappy:

Not bad, you have her voice down. I'll be watching.

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Awesome fic,I love Peridot!I can't wait for the next chapter.

well well. it would be far more interesting, imo, if this turned out to be another planet that peridot was transported to, but whatever. the point is her reaction to being in equestria.

now that I think about it, it reminds me of ToucanLDM's work on youtube. Steven Universe Meets My Little Pony? wonder why he hasn't made that one yet...

7987369 I still take it that you are enjoying it? i always appreciate opinions from the audience

7987405 oh, very much so :rainbowkiss: i'd like to see her meet luna so they can have a "who's life sucked more" conversation

which luna would inevitably win, but peridot's arguments would be hilarious.

7987459 i want to focus on the CMC and the Mane 6 for now at least, but considering how well received this has been i might make other reports on additional characters, thank you ^^

their activities included; the arts

Peri doesn't know what art is yet:

The crusaders explain that they assist others who are deficient in their function or have yet to even discover it. I cannot help but recall Steven’s idealisms of being free to choose your own function in life, the resemblance is shockingly similar.”

The only difference is human's are still free to choose a different function after finding there function. With ponies, however, its different. Once they find there function that's what you're stuck with.

So you better hope you get a cutie mark that covers an array of talents and hobbies (Like Magic! :twilightsmile: Or trying to make people Happy! :pinkiehappy: ) otherwise they're gonna do horribly if they want to get out of there "Comfort Zone" and try something new.

7988777 jdhdbfhdbcjrueu3y3g4vrhreuen2ie jdhdbfhdbcjrueu3y3g4vrhreuen2ieg b4jcirjrb 77rhfmdmdoqhwbdie71jeu3i FUCK! I CANNOT BELIEVE I OVERLOOKED THAT!

7987496 another idea: if peri is meeting the mane 6, she'll also probably meet starlight at some point. Starlight should introduce her to Trixie. Trixie and peridot are two of the snarkiest characters I know of. Their conversation would have more thinly veiled insults than the season 6 finale!

7988870 oooh that's an idea, I initially wanted Equestria's timeline to be after Season 4, but I will definitely consider your input

so she already met Spike... yeeee.. I can see issues if she finds out there are gems here and Spike is a 'cannibal' or a shatter-er.

I can't to see her reactions to Rarity and Pinkie Pie!


Pinkie Pie is an impossibility wrapped in a mystery, covered with an enigma, and sprinkles on top.

7994739 incidentally, I wrote Pinkie's report earlier today, Once my editor looks over it, i'll add it to the collection


oh my stars.

that is possibly the best summation of pinkie ever. i'd say it rivals even death battle's!

side note: I've often thought of fourth wall breaking in a similar way; that the beings who do it have a mutation of some sort that causes them to view interdimensional rifts that others cannot. some can even open and use the rifts on a whim- the offscreen teleportation, hammerspace, and what not that pinkie and Deadpool both engage in.

this does not, however, explain pinkie defying gravity/reversing time in the season 3 premiere. that was the episode her party cannon sucked its confetti back in after firing, right?

Hey guys, I am having trouble deciding who Peri should report on next, which of the Mane 6 do you want to see next?

Peri... you don't know how right you are...


Rainbow Dash or Rarity

I imagine Applejack will be last, and Fluttershy second to last, due to living on the edges of ponyville

Will other Steven Universe characters appear in this story?

8030700 i haven't really though of including other SU characters in this story

Fluttershy chapter: daaaaaaaw :raritystarry:

Applejack chapter: :rainbowderp: ... :rainbowlaugh:

Just realized that rainbow and rarity are the two ponies left in the mane 6. How ironic.

8030879 If you were going to, I would only want to see Ruby And Sapphire accidentally get separated. Maybe as an Omake.

8032173 I might do a chapter in a potential sequel with one report on Shining Armor and Cadence also featuring Ruby and Sapphire

was hoping youd do a celestia and luna log

That was quite a nice read. Light and fluffy.^^

You know, this could be a good idea for an episode. One of the Crystal Gems loses her holographic form after a battle and gets estranged, ending in a Gemstone Cutting Company facility. Cue the others Gems trying to find their companion among the Earth stones.

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