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My friends...Thank you...I love you too

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WTF, seriously WTF did I just read. This was just way to dark for me.

It's a niche enjoyment. I think you'll like the next thing I put out more. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, it is fairly dark I will admit that.

Damn, that really was dark. Well-written, mind.

“Luna, I could rob you of your intelligence right now,

Does she intend to make Luna a dumb/mindless pet?

At the time that was original plan but at the end? No Luna will remain Luna.

Good, makes it less dark imo, I really don't like stories where a character gets their mind destroyed. Feels like murdering someone to me.

Agreed, 100% agreed.

Before I read this, what does the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

Forced transformation, slight mind breakage. Basically a semi happy ending.

Really enjoyed this, very good job!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

And Badish Ending.

...Then why isn't there a tragedy tag?

I only use that tag if someone dies.

Really enjoyed it as a sort-of-romance story, did'nt really work out as serious clop though, probably due to my ferocious aversion to the permanent damaging of either princess, rather than a shortcoming with the text.

7985170 in essence luna died though didnt she, her body even if changed is alive but luna is dead. :trollestia:

Luna chose to become a pet to keep her Sister's love and trust. So while her body is massively changed her mind and soul is.... mostly still Luna.

She chose because she feared that the alternative was a fate just as bad as death (banishment i imagine, then if the time is up banishment again unless celestia changes her mind) and she was still in a pretty vulnerable state considering shes freshly purged and still weakened ? If she said no Celestia would still go with it from what i gathered here, so wasnt a choice Luna made.

To stay alive we might pick a fate that in the end might be worse then death. Just saying. :rainbowwild:

That ending gave me whiplash. I'm pretty sure they both changed their minds twice in the space of five lines.

Ceslestia is pretty stupid if she listend to luna after se was brainwashed

i like this story

Fics like this are always good for stirring up some unbridled rage.

Hmmm... After reading this, i keep getting a feeling that Luna's mind was not only one to get slightly broken imo.
That Luna chose role of pet to keep her sisters trust, and that Celestia now has to live with what she did to her only sister... Most likely forever...

Keep on writing.

i liked it, but that's likely because i have a repressed corruption/pet/domination/fetish....i also hate tryrantlestia so more fuel for the fire is always welcome :trollestia:

i can also fully understand why others hate it, i would too if not for me repressed fetishes

This fic is pretty well written though stories, where characters get their mind destroyed always feels like killing them to me. Though it does remind me of another equally messed up story where Celestia would spend many centuries as Luna's pet dog. What is this fandom xD?!
But on a serious note well done.

I enjoyed this story, though, part of me wishes there was an epilogue that has Celestia realize her mistake and turn Luna back where they both go on to forgive each other and trust each other again.

I really like the idea that, despite the ponies preaching friendship, cows are still effectively just slaves. It’s an interesting bit of hypocrisy. Or could be.

Pretty much this. "To the point that she couldnt get angry" Thats just a little change to you? Jesus.

After reading this story to see if the low rating was earned I was just shocked it didnt get more downvotes, as this is one of the worst stories I've read in a long time.

at the time of reading this year ago, I found it evil due to my own dislike of brainwashing. but as pure fetish fuel, it is perfectly serviceable, if not morally evil

sorry for responding to such an old comment. I kinda forgot that annoys some people until after I posted

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