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Hope you enjoy some writing.


What does a given pony see when they look into the Mirror of Erised?

The events leading up to the discovery of the mirror and the heart's desire of each pony that looks into it.

The continuation of "Heart's Desire" due to character limit. It is highly suggested that you read at least chapters 1 and 3 of "Heart's Desire" before skipping to this story if you plan on skipping. Lastly, the first chapter is not a pony, but a recap of the first story for those who do not plan on going back to "Heart's Desire" before moving on. *Warning: it contains spoilers.*

Chapters (2)
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But... thats so vage!!!
you better make more sense of this in later chapters 'cause for right now im going to speculate wildly


For each story, you can only have 5 different characters selected. (I.E. Luna, Celestia, Big Mac, Photo Finish, Hoity Toity.) Beyond that, you can't select any more. The only reason I got away with so many chapters and characters last time was the mane 6 option.

As for any other interested parties. I'll start this back up in a day or two. I just had some physical issues going on. (Namely, my wrist hurting to the point that I couldn't type for more than a few pages at a time.)

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