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One moment, you’re a human being living a fairly normal life. You have family, you have friends, and you have fun. You enjoy yourself. The next, you’re a doll stuck on the shelf in a world of ponies. Is this someone’s idea of a joke?
My name is Normad. Welcome to the world of Equestria. I hope you had a good trip.

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is he the smarty pans doll twilight has when she is older? :rainbowhuh: :twilightsmile::eeyup:


Something like that, keep reading to find out what I mean.


Glad to see you like it.


Nice, story is going to be watched ^^ That would be fun if the "talking doll" be a real reason for Twi to learn about magic so hard (no pony is going to believe her!) to finally free our poor Norm!
For now he is pretty much bucked for years....


866182 And maybe some fancy transmutation spell for start? You know to gave him chance to move his ass. And blink, he is missing it much from what i see :D

pretty interesting bro. I thought he would be noticed by Pinkie Pie of all ponies, but it is still interesting none the less. is it just me, or do you like making alternate universes?dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Vinyl_Scratch.png

i think his transformation might cause him to develop abandonment/attention issues.
This is gonna be a good one:rainbowkiss:

...I know how this ends...


I have a hard time sticking to main universes, they tend to be too normal for me.

I like this. It's reasonably well written, No mistakes that I can see, and it's such an interesting concept that I can't help but wonder what you've got planned.

An estimate of when to expect the next chapter, perhaps?


I honestly have no idea, I've been stuck with a case of writers block as far as this story and another go. Hopefully I'll be able to break through it and get something out by end of the first week of august, but I can't promise anything.

989832 D'oh! Well, I know what that's like. Hey, I'm usually an ideas man; if you ever need someone to help bounce ideas around, feel free to PM me. :twilightsmile:


Thanks a lot. If I need someone to check my ideas I'll send them over to you.


Because I've honestly run out of ideas to try for these stories and they don't seem to be going anywhere.

1124170 some bits of diologe came to my head when reading this thing. I could PM them if you want. yah i know really late responce

So unique... Faved

More chapters please

well *yay*. I do believe that this is gonna be absolutely hilarious.
do continue, won't you?:moustache:

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