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I am a proud Brony, a passionate lover of reading and writing, and I wish my fellow Bronies and my readers well


A sequel to "From Another Plain" and a collaboration with Spirals95

A few weeks after Midnight's accidental misadventure into an alternate Equestria, he heads out to meet his own universe's version of the pony he met in the alternate one, Techorse!

But he finds Tech in a troubling situation when a bossy bureaucrat tries to evict Tech, deeming him an undesirable, spurring Midnight to step in and make a wager: Techorse must invent a useful invention within a week or he'll be packing his saddlebags!

Will a new friendship solve this problem or is it something that can't be fixed?

Cover Art by HoodwinkedTales

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 4 )

Very interesting, I look forward to what you have planned wolven

Interesting story so far, I will look forward to see more of this.

interesting story. Look forward to what you have planned for this.

Is it safe to say that I hate this guy even more now?

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