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This story is a sequel to Equestrian Fanfiction

Two months after the launch of the Midnight Castle fan fiction site, Lyra and her fellow Nightlings have organized a meet-up in Canterlot. The agenda is simple: have fun, discuss their favorite human fiction series, and see the faces behind the usernames.

Special thanks to RK_Striker_JK_5 for editing.

This story is linked to the daily Equestrian Fanfiction (and contains reveals as to the participants' identities).

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Ah, the joyful circumstances surrounding the creation of a fan site as well as the inherent hardships that come when bringing said site to life as a collaborative effort between ponies with a shared interest. A theme that surprisingly enough, I haven't seen explored more.

Take it as someone who hasn't read the daily ___yet___, this was still an enjoyable tale. I look forward to see what you have up your sleeve, Lise. :twilightsmile:

I knew it Fluttershy was Brush, but I didn't see coming Diamond Tiara but everything makes sense. Imagine if was Apple Bloom she likes.

And Dinky she is familiar for me, maybe she is prince Eric

Ok, so Amethyst Star being MixaMax wasn't something I had guessed, but I was spot on with Brush = Fluttershy and RRBB = Diamond Tiara. I'll have to go back through the main story to see if Dinky is a poster or not, and which one if she is, but I think, based on Mixa's posts, she isn't, just along for the ride cuz Derpy is making Amethyst take her (albeit via Dinky's blackmail lol).

Looking forward to the rest of the story to see who is who. I'm really interested to see if Luna is indeed Luna, and who the rest of the crew is.

With what was said in these flashbacks, Codefilly is Minuette.
I'm also pretty sure that DarkSparkle or TheRealLuna is Moondancer.

Glad to hear Brush and RRBB confirmed, and in hindsight Mixamax feels like she should have been obvious. Great start, though now I have no idea what I'm going to do with this unflipped table.

Also, what is Diamond's website about?


I expected RRBB to be DT, but Brush....




:rainbowhuh: :rainbowlaugh:

The pool between worlds, warded off after the Lada invasion,

warded off after the Lada invasion

the Lada invasion


So. I get a point for guessing RRBB. I didn't think of Amethyst at all though, so no points there. Good job with this fic, Lise. You done good :)

told you I'd post the pic xD

I honestly had no idea who MixaMax was, but the other two? Pegged both. Though I'm not sure what Dinky's user name is.

In any case, it's good to have some answers, though I can't help but shake my head at Lyra thinking wistfully about "real fantastical magic" in a world where the sun and moon are on manual override and Discord exists.

Speaking of whom, I'd love to see a site coded by Discord... provided it didn't turn my web browser into an actual spider.

Oh my goshness! I can't believe it! I never saw it coming!

"LyraHands" was Lyra Heartstrings all along!

My mind: blown.

7967770 :D Magic! :P

7967811 Soon you will know :D

7968282 Dinky has a somewhat more complicated story... *Ominous music*

7968364 If I manage to get the chapter done tonight, you'll find out :)
If not... tomorrow ! :P (I still can't handle 3k per day :( )

7968775 Brush is best Brush! :D

7968775 7968635 7968775 7968962 7969080

I know! I'm so transparent in my writing. Hopefully, the rest have a few surprises. :D

Also, them Ladas... (I meant the goddess, Beert!)

7969644 I know, right?!? But wait! There's a Twist! :P

7969687 That doesn't mean you're transparent, it means you used solid and consistent characterization, and wrote an interesting enough story that your readers were obsessed enough to diligently hunt for clues and compare notes in the comics.

Wait a second... Dinky...

This isn't the same continuity as Arête, is it?

7969831 Absolutly not :)

No huge surprises YET. Amethyst is a perfect fit for Mixa, though I was still holding out for Lemon Hearts. Why does Octavia know her as Dopey?

Does anyone else think Flutters is channeling her brother for her on-line persona? Brush is like Zephyr Breeze after a sex change operation.

Sorry to see Bob didn't see Lyra off in the morning.

What does RRBB stand for? Besides the middle initials (Rich Bitch) I mean?

Since both have new BFs Moondancer is looking good for CodeFilly.

I don't think she has a user handle, but Dinky lurks enough to decide she doesn't like Jade. I hope she tells Brush!

This is a lot of fun, and I impatiently await the next chapter.

Isn't this more of a side-story than a sequel?

7969682 She prefers to go by the username "Harpy" XD

I wonder how all the others are going to react.

Only complaint I have is why does it take you so long to update?"

Universes and 'nets may change, but some things always stay the same.

I think Sunburst is MightDragon, it makes a little sense, but I don't know.

And I don't know what is the Prince Blueblood user. Is it PPI?

7978773 Moondancer called Sunburst "oligosaccharide", just like CodeFilly called MightyDragon. And Sunburst made a DnD reference ("thaco") just like MightyDragon did. Pretty strong evidence, I think.

No table flipping, but many double face hooves. Soarin'?! Sigh. I should have known, when you could never get a straight answer about his gender ("Do I look like a stallion?" does not count as a straight answer).

Blue Blood and Raven didn't give their usernames yet, but they each represent wrong guesses (unless they're lurkers). Don't care. It's worth getting one wrong just to see Raven in a story.

Yay! So points for me for guessing CodeFilly and CEOWitch! Good point made by 7978773 . We still don't know what is Bluebloods username. TheRealLuna could actually be Luna. I mean, Princesses would probably be more careful about ponies being able to track them on aethernet and Luna(Raven) was successfully tracked to be in the Palace while TheRealLuna was said to be untraceable.

Also, I really like PrinceEric. I hope he gets more screen time :twilightsmile:

7979046 Ummm, Raven's username is Luna

7979050 Ooops! Found it, Soarin' said a couple of times he was taking them to Luna.

Celestia's secretary using her boss' sister's name as a username. Sneaky mare.

I would not be surprised if a lot of residents of the Crystal Empire use 'dragon' as part of their user name, in honor of their greatest hero. Just like many of them also likely use 'crystal', 'heart'', 'love', and 'shield' in honor of the ponies and artifact that keeps them safe.

7970169 :) Well some answers are there already :) More tonight... I hope.

RRBB: it will be revealed :)

7970814 The sequel indication is automatic :( Fim adds that if I link a story to another story

7977444 :D True. I wish I could update faster...

I'll be honest; pony naming conventions being what they are, I thought MightyDragon's real name actually was Oligosaccharide for a moment. :derpytongue2: In any case, it does make for a cute pairing, though I always worry that those tow will be so wrapped up in each other and their reading that neither will remember to eat for days. I suppose the long-distance relationship helps prevent that... though that may just mean they spend all their time sweet-talking one another via PM.

In any case, I nailed CEOWitch and got CodeFilly with little time to spare. Dragon I didn't even guess, and PrinceEric... I want to say that using obscure background ponies is cheating, but really, I'm impressed by just how obscure you went. I had to check Derpibooru to make sure he wasn't an OC. And Luna? Never even guessed.

Very interesting to get further background on thisi nstance of Lyra. Definitely looking forward to more past and present.

It occurs to me that Blue Blood not giving a userername might not mean a wrong guess. Not all guests were uers, some were pros.

Could Prince Blue Blood be S. Childs?

7982018 Prince Blueblood. Just two words.

Sunburst will have some explaining to do if Starlight shows up. (DarkSparkle is either Starlight or Twilight. Waiting to find out which, unless I'm totally off).

7969911 Your smirk makes me question you...


If Brush is Fluttershy, I'm not sure if I'm more amused or horrified by her hitting on a teen like chip mint.

And here I was thinking RRBB stood for Really Rich Beautiful Bitch

Lyra's horn flashed as she input the commands.

At last, an answer to the elusive question: "How do ponies type?"
Except... this solution only applies to unicorns. Pegasi could use their wingtips on a touchscreen maybe, (Soarin does have a 'hoofheld' device), but that still leaves the Earth ponies. How do they type? Speech-to-text spell? Then how do they do emoticons?

Oh wait, actually plausible idea: Suppose they can write normally with a quill on a special enchanted piece of parchment, which then translates and uploads their words as aethernet text. No need for a keyboard at all.

8004950 Frankly, I like yours more. Maybe if enough people upvote your comment we'll generate a mandela effect.

*face hoof* I knew I posted my guess for DarkSparkle too early.

Eat tu Porcia

Et tu Porcia

7981246 I think they make the perfect pair who will quietly read snuggled in each other, when they aren't chatting online or playing O&O. :) Also Mighty has experience taking care of foals :)

7982018 Tune in next chapter! The truth might surprise you!

8005250 Heh heh heh :D

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