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Inspired by a conversation with Rated Ponystar.

When Celestia and Nightmare Moon dueled, Celestia instead of banishing her sister to the moon with the elements of harmony, decides to let Nightmare win and let her see what Celestia has to go through every single day. Hilarity ensues.

Many thanks to Terabyte West for editing this.

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What a perfect way to end this fic in:rainbowlaugh:

Beautiful and hilarious. Thank you for the read.

I don't usually like NM overthrowing Celestia fics, but when I do, it's because they are f:yay:n perfect.

I liked this story.


This was amazing and I wish it were canon.

Spotted this in the feature box at #7, when I checked again after reading it had moved up to #5. I'll be surprised if it doesn't hit the top by the end of the day.

Edit: Call me surprised. It's only topped by that "In Hindsight" story. (The one about Rarity's butt hips.)

The tickle charms. Idiocy but fantastic.

It is now fourth on the featured board.

This is where poltergeists come from.

It was a tickling charm. A tickling charm!

A terrible, harrowing battle it was, when Night turned on Day that long millennium ago.

No comments people, no comments. No, I see that it's good written and i saw the title... but this ending - Seriously. I had waited more that this.

I liked the initial setup and the idea that Celestia would play mind games with Nightmare Moon by taking the place of her doll and pretending to be the ghost of Celestia haunting the castle, as I felt that opened it up to some interesting shenanigans. Unfortunately it just took a turn into a few pranks and then the funeral switch as the ending. Light heart-ed though it was, I felt the story could have done more, especially if Celestia used it as an excuse to basically take a vacation and let Nightmare Moon suffer everything Celestia had to suffer from running the country.

Was a bit of a let down. I was expecting, much, much more in terms of the intrigue and political ramifications.


It's like Otto's irresistible dance. No save. :P

Best way to make a flying foe faceplant. :rainbowlaugh:

May we see the transcript for the conversation responsible for this?


I'm deeply ashamed of myself for not thinking of having her go on a vacation since it would lead to more hijinks for Nightmare. It could be a fun little omake I could write... perhaps? But the thing is that from what I've seen of Celestia, I don't think she'd abandon them for extended periods of time. Even when she wasn't ruling, she was still pulling pranks in what I hoped to portray as partial to boost morale for her subjects.


I'd have to ask Rated Ponystar for permission to publish that bit. :scootangel:


I don't think she'd abandon them for extended periods of time.

Well, it depends what Nightmare Moon would do, how cruel she would be (or if she wouldn't be cruel), and if her subjects would rebel or resist. If Celestia could let ponies in high position know to go along with what Nightmare Moon says in the meantime, that she'd step in if stuff went too far but otherwise to pretend she was unavailable, I think that could have got a bit of mileage out of the scenario.


This. The description makes it sound like Celestia's hiding in the shadows and watching NMM suffer through ruling as the ponies dump tons of affection both false and true on her, treat her like a symbol instead of a pony, and try to butter her up to do what they want and give their terrible ideas legitimacy - essentially using her.

Then when she'd have her inevitable breakdown Celestia'd reveal herself and say something along the lines of, "What was that about me having it so much better?"

But the story, while fun on its own, didn't deliver on the wording and imagery of the description.

Over all, it's not bad. It's an interesting idea, and the characters were fairly well written. The prose wasn't boring or awkward, because it did a good job of mixing the characters' inner thoughts with action. Also, there were no real grammar or spelling mistakes that I noticed. All of this puts you well ahead of most authors on this site.

With all that said, telling the story from Celestia's perspective weakened the buildup. We knew exactly what was going on, so there wasn't any real tension or mystery and, therefore, the results didn't have very much impact. It would have worked better if you had waited until the end to reveal that Celestia was faking. If the story had gone on as if she really was dead, her pranks would have come across as actual rebellion, or at least harassment, by the ponies. The mystery of who was behind the "uprising", and the tension caused by Nightmare Moon's building anger, would have made the final payoff a lot stronger.

Yeah the story would have worked way better by using Nightmare Moon point of view.

This was a good read and a good alternative to the Nightmare Moon incident. Althought if I were Celestia, I would've take this advantage to do some harsh stuff to Nightmare than some lighthearted pranks. Nevertheless, it was enjoyable.

Fun overall story, but gotta agree with the comments saying went in expecting a bit more, and was thinking we'd get NMM realizing that being in charge really isn't as fun as she thinks.

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