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Twilight's been noticing some changes, but she isn't the one changing. Everything else is changing while she stays still, immobilised in time while the world moves on without her, and she has been thinking recently about the point to life. Namely that, for her, there isn't one.

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Dam interesting, look forward to this.

*Looks at Title*

That's the same thing I wonder about Everything...

Awesome!! I really really like this so far :D potentional Discolight shipping here as well :raritystarry: :heart:
Really excited for the next chapter :3
Keep it up !

The way to win is to pick one pony that you can't live without and guide them subtly on the course toward being immortal as well.

first of
loved it :D

“They will,” Celestia nodded. “That is the way of the world. But remember how I told you to keep their memories?”

really? REALLY? Celestia do you really take the praise for EVERYTHING?! Discord was the one telling Twi that and not you ?!

keep it up :D

There was no moustache attached to his nose, no monocle over one eye.

Nice Accord reference.

This was a very sweet story! :twilightsmile:

What's the point? What do you want it to be?

Excellent rendition of the immortality blues. I always like seeing such a jam session end on a high note. Thanks for playing. :twilightsmile:

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