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A perspective from a mare. You know, that mare who always sits alone on a bench near the local playground to watch the foals play. Have you ever wondered what her story might be?

*Changed the status from complete to hiatus since I'm still in doubt if I should continue this or not...

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#1 · Dec 19th, 2011 · · ·

Poor Cheerilee :fluttercry:
I think it must be hard to NOT be a fillyfooler in a society where the women outnumber the men three to one.

That was beautiful. There were a few minor grammatical errors (using "trough" instead of "through" throughout the whole story being the most prevalent), but they did not detract from the emotion.

I can definitely see Cheerilee being lost in despair over infertility; especially since my roommate, Skoon (self-proclaimed "biggest Cheerilee fan in existence"), would probably have something similar in his head-canon. I'll have to try to get him to read this.:twilightsmile:

I've read a good ammount of fanfics, but little did I know that one of the shortest pieces ever, would touch me the most!
I found myself really able to relate to Cheerilee, but in a kind of opposite way...maybe?
I've actually found myself watching couples just like Cheerilee, watching their love in a kind of envy and jealousy about their perfect family lives, knowing that it probably never will be something for me. Not that I can't have children... I'm just not sure I WANT children.
I get really uncomfortable and irritated around small children. I just can't connect with them.
"Oh yeah? That'll change when you get kids of your own!" everybody keep telling me.
"Oh yeah? Well what if it don't?" I say. Now finding a mar...eh.. woman that doesn't want to have kids is not only close to impossible, it's also kind of selfish. Of course, no-one wants to live their life alone, but I'd rather be alone than becoming a lousy dad.

Heh... Now I guess I should pay you $20 for having bored you to bits (not the currency) and for stealing two minutes of your life that I'm afraid I cannot pay you back. I just wanted to give you the background to how a short simple story, sometimes can hit bullseye in a way you probably never expected.

I really loved this story! Thank you!

(And for the record, I really like your "ponyville lusts" works too! It's so dark and demented at times that it's almost sick. I love it! ;) )


Why do you always have to make me cry? :fluttercry:

I shouldn't read that sad stuff, it always shakes me so much.

What if she became a fillyfooler? Then the other mare could carry the baby. I'm reminded of a certain other story where Rarity and Cheerilee hook up... :raritywink:

wow thats so sad :fluttercry: poor cheerilee that has to suck
Really good story bro

That was beautifully written, really heart-touching and sad:fluttershysad:
Well done, friend:heart:

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