• Published 21st Feb 2017
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AGIG's Leaked Files - ComicSansPony

AGIG is a covert government agency in Equestria AU 41.32295 covering everything from internal affairs, to forget relations, to intergalactic relations. Here are some of their top secret documents that got leaked.

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Coolman's Cloaked Intentions

Confession Report #19542

Agent: Coolman Stan
Codename: Blue Wing
Reason for Confession: Fraternizing with the enemy

Hello, My name is Coolman Stan, agent number *redacted*. I'm Reluctant to tell you how this particular event transpired, so I'm taking it in full faith that the writing here will be kept completely confidential.

Lets start with the events proceeding this one, just so you can have some context for what happened.
I was on a mission to capture Cloaked Dagger for reasons pertaining to *redacted*. I was picked for this job because one I was the top agent at the time, and two I had very little involvement with her up to this point. This was a simple capture mission, in and out. The target knew of me but I knew a lot more about her. I knew if I just let her talk I could obtain the upper hoof. This work out flawlessly and I was able to sedate the target no problems.

This leads us to the confession at hoof. You see even before *redacted* I had always admired her beauty and I have to admit I was ecstatic to be the one in charge of her interrogation. I felt it was possible to put my feelings aside. Looking back I should have passed off this mission before it even started.

The Interrogation started of fine but rather quickly I found the conversations would veer of course. She would always start off with a complement. They were just about how much she liked my mane or how lovely a shade of blue my coat was. It made it hard to hide my attraction to her. In no time I found my self reply back with complements. The interrogations ended up less and less productive with more small talk then confessions.

I couldn't help my feelings for her getting stronger. I loved the why she would start to get shy when we where talking Slowly pushing her hoof agents her leg while looking at the ground. To this day I can't figure out if she was sincere or just a great actress.

At this point I was way to excited for our daily meetings I could feel my heart pounding when the clock hit 10:00 and it was time for me to make my way to her cell. I could feel a real connection going on between the two of us. I was really glad I was the only one who was aloud to be in the room.

At some point I convince HQ to allow multiple “interrogations” per day, easily done to to the lack of information coming out from her. I started sneaking in tea and snacks to our little meeting too. Side note we should really fix those door scanners, they do little to nothing in there current state.

Anyways, this brings us to last night. It was our late 8:00 “interrogation” and we where drinking our typical Earl Gray. The complements I have come to enjoy where being laid on pretty heavy this evening when all of a sudden this got quite. We where starring deep into each others eyes. When she closed hers I did the same and our lips meet for only a second or two. Then I backed off. We both gave each other an awkward glance and I ended the meeting.

So why am I here today? I would like to request for a change of post. I let this go on for to long. I would like to request that this story doesn't get shared with HQ and because I didn't give up any agency secrets, I can have a clean transfer to another assignment.

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