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Rarity has always been a romantic at heart, so when she starts receiving notes from her secret admirer, who despite all her care to remain anonymous is clearly Twilight Sparkle, she's ecstatic.

But a relationship can't be built on love notes, however romantic that might be, so now the time has come for Rarity to meet Twilight face to face.

Rated one "omg" from Monochromatic, who appears to be leading me down a dark path of fashion and books and fashionable books.

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Man, Twilight's gonna be pissed when she finds out what her mom did.

And Cadence too?
Damn, She sure got it going on...

New ship acquired.

Blame mono I guess.

Well, THAT was unexpected! :rainbowlaugh:

A'ight, let's see if I have this right. Sparkle likes Rarity. Velvet went to scope Rarity out to make sure she's good enough for her little girl. Velvet, whilst spying on Rarity, falls for her and becomes the secret admirer. And this is cool with her husband because they have an open marriage.

Velvet and Rarity agree to meet for a date. Rarity thinks the date is with Sparkle. Velvet tells her about the above, and also tells her that she banged Cadence while Shining was at basic training? Velvet says she's looking for a long term relationship, she doesn't think she and Rarity would be a good match long term, and then they leave the restaurant looking like they're going to start seeing each other. But maybe Rarity's going to start seeing Sparkle? Really, this is where I get confused. What does Velvet want? Does she want a relationship with Rarity, some side tail, or what? Is she stealing Rarity from Sparkle or is she just like taking her for a test drive?


What does Velvet want?

She wants it all!

She doesn't want short flings in the sense that even though their marriage is open, she doesn't commit herself to that sort of relationship unless she actually cares for the pony in question. Even though she cares for Rarity, though, she recognizes that outside of a short relationship, they probably wouldn't last, if only because her daughter has the hots for Rarity and she wouldn't want to get in her way.

So, they're going to trot off together to have a relationship they know won't last and that would probably hurt Twilight if she found out about it? With the intent to roll over to Sparkle when it all falls apart? Seems kind of, um, shitty. If I'm reading the end wrong there, I'm not trying to be obtuse. It comes quite naturally.

Ok. I cracked up at the clam and banana.:moustache:

7959711 Yeah, I agree it does seem a bit dickish, although there's no reason to assume Twilight would find out. *shrugs*

*snort* Of course she would find out, haven't you ever watched a sitcom? This whole setup screams 'shenanigans'.

Plot. Hecking. Twist.

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