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Original username Zoddtheimmortalone. I'm a fan of anime, but I enjoy the classics more. As for My Little Pony, I may not watch it as much, but I do like the show and I also love EG

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I like ware this is going. Keep it up.

A 2 for 1 story with Adagio? you surprised me again, i thought this was gonna be just Aria and the Male lead, gonna keep track of this for sure.
On a sidenote: im not sure if this should turn into a threesome, but we'll see how things turn out.

He seriously didn't know what Adagio meant?

What do you mean? That he's unaware that she and her sisters are sirens?

7969088 "three-way-thing"
He really didn't know what she was implying?

He's new to it and he's never experienced it till now

7970015 I figured as much, not like he is gonna be in the dark about for long...

I like this story, but when I first read it I thought it'd be a lot longer. Why did you make it so short? Will there be a sequel?


Was having a bit of difficulty coming up with the story. I wanted to expand it, but nothing came to mind.

As for a sequel, not happening


I was excepting after the sex scene they would figure out the whole triangle thing and some slice of life. Granted I haven't read the ending yet.

Well...not really one of your best jobs but still enjoyable, for me at least. I'll be adding this to my collection for sure.

OK OK OK everyone knows that these rock bands are a hella good.

slipknot, avenged sevenfold, Metallica am I right:twilightsmile:

No to pry. But isn't a love triangle a bit more aggressive than romance? Due to a guys psyche and inflation with the girl he wants versus that of a new one? Well. I dunno. Just a romantic trying to get insight on the author's reason.

It's aggressive? I never knew a love triangle can be aggressive

what about Disturbed, Five Finger death punch, and Dragonforce? Not disagreeing with you just adding more. Those bands are great to.

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