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This story is a sequel to Glimmer in the Snow

Post-S6. Starlight Glimmer returns to Our Town once again. Starlight intends to stay for a few weeks this time, continuing to atone for her megalomania as the former leader of Our Town.

However, Starlight knows there is one pony above all else she owes an apology to: the stallion she founded Our Town with, Double Diamond.

Light romance-shipping of Starlight Glimmer and Double Diamond (GlimmerDiamond). Reading the prequel is not wholly necessary to understand this story, but there are a few references that make more sense.

Cover art by Phyllismi, used with permission.

Day 18 of my Self-Imposed 28 Fics in 28 Days Challenge

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I thought about sculpting a pony of some sort, maybe the ponification of Justice, but I figured it’d be too boring.

"Hey, don't be rude..."

I'm probably one of like, five people who ship Double Diamond and Starlight Glimmer

six*. So when are you going to reveal that you've been a GlimmerSpike shipper all along?

I tried very much to stay within an Everyone rating, so at the most there are only a few ambiguous lines about Starlight and Diamond's relationship.

Nothing lewd about two ponies in love cuddling, I say.

Good fic yet again. To think you've come from "parodying Displaced to make wordplay jokes" to quality romance. My little Emperor has grown up so fast!

Ah yes...back after the episode, before we knew about Sunburst, I thought Starlight and DD were sweet on each other as well. They would have made a cute couple.

Fun fact: People actually use that Shakespeare quote wrong.

In context, "now is the winter of our discontent" is referring to winter as in the end of the year, right before spring arrives and it gets warmer and sunnier. As in: "We've had it rough but if we just push through this last bit, things will start to look up." So it actually means the opposite of what most assume.

Ironic, no?

I really liked your building the origins of Our Town in this story and the prequel. I especially liked the details with Starlight inventing the story of the Staff of Sameness. I would love to see an AU where everyone just paints over their cutie marks like Starlight did.

On a much darker note: Given what we know now of Starlight's capabilities, does anyone else wonder if she was covertly using mind control on the other inhabitants, and then altering memories/ using the rehabilitation shack as an excuse to explain changes in ponies behavior?

........I loved this. I'm not really a fan of shipping, but I do have a case by case preference, and in this universe, you have sold me on Double Diamond and Starlight.:raritystarry:

I was a good read, hope you do more of this.

So many implications about their relationship... it definitely comes across, and frankly, I find that far more palatable than most peoples idea of shipping.

I have mixed feelings on shipping in general, but you are so talented with written word that I look past that.

A most enjoyable read. You tease and deliver on your setup. Well done.

I'm a hardcore StarBurst shipper, but I'm interested enough in the premise to add this to my RL list

As a whole, it was alright, but I don't think I'll come back to this one again.
Part of that, I'll admit, IS my own personal shipping reasons, though.

Diamond put the bag over top of his withers, balancing it out so it wouldn’t fall. “Building snow ponies,” he said as he trotted out.

Do you want build a snowman lol

So this is the aftermath of season six finale so Starlight wanted to visit her Old Town and this time she's alone and she's meeting up with the other ponies like sugar belle and even party favor but the pony that she was actually looking for was Double Diamond those two told her that he's been very busy and hardworking lately try to keep the town working and everything so she knows where he could be and it looks like her guts was right this was the cave that all started with this whole equality idea and he was in the cave looking back at it and it looks like both of them really wanted to apologize for everything what just happened back then and despite everything they somehow forgive each other but not themself not just yet but somehow they will get by this whole situation and how much they really did care for each other and yeah I kind of ship them even though I'm a still a big shipper Starlight and Sunburst but this shipping is really adorable and it does have a pretty good history between those two before season 5 came around but anyway this was a pretty nice story keep up the good work

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