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Here lies Twilight Sparkle. She only just arrived in this world before her life was ended. She was added to the pile, but she refused to stay there. Death has come for her, but she spurns its approach like so many other restless corpses.

Even being Dark Souls, I will not be dark for the sake of dark. The world of Dark Souls is, by its own name, a dark place, caught in a terrible spiral.

Maybe Twilight can help? Or, perhaps, she will just be caught in it.

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Interesting. I never actually played the games, but it will be curious to see how will Twilight react to dying. Again and again and again :pinkiehappy:

It's missing the Twilight tag, by the way.

Interesting idea you have going here. Another author I follow has a Dark Souls story going, but life is getting in the way from continuing writing currently. Also shouldn't Twilight be tagged in this story as she wasn't when I last checked.

I dunno, it's to you, whether you want to keep it going. Seems more like an intro to something, though.

Twilight's already experiencing the joy of stealing souls and having a curse of undeath that slowly drives you mad.

Has there been a fusion style fic instead of a world exchanging crossover? I've seen a handful of crossovers but I can't recall a fusion fic.

You have my attention. This looks interesting! I'm curious to see where it goes.

"terrible would"
Should be terrible world

7953860 you must continue also poor twilight

Haven't read this yet, plan on it soon
But I really hope this will be good.
I'll comment once I start.
Edit: read it and it's amazing. I hope for more soon. Thank you.

Haven't read it yet, but the first chapter worried me. Is she playing it, or is she in it? Because the former will lower my opinion of the story.

7955309 It bothers me a little that I have not earned the trust that you'd read first.

*through the void, sends Twilight a small, sturdy shield with the message: "Stay strong, you are not alone"*:eeyup:

send her to fight the sword master and gett her a proper weapon like the uchi katana

also wait till she realises she is immortal to a point also i see her getting killed by the giansts arrow later on

Oh, I'm going to read it. I'm just saying that the chapter title worries me, because it implies Twilight is only playing Dark Souls and is not actually in it.

While I'm not against reading stories that have ponies playing games, so long as the plot is interesting, I am against stories that have ponies playing games outside of their technological and psychological level. I doubt My Little Ponies would ever make Dark Souls, let alone the platform it is run on. (Button Mash's PlayStation and JoyBoy are not canon, only the Arcade Machines are canon.)

Just realised I've been saying the chapter title worries me, but it wasn the chapter title, it's the story cover. It says "Twilight Plays"

hehe nice a Dark Souls 3 crossover. :yay:

Twilight gonna rage if she gonna fight Champion Gundyr at some point if she dies multiple times.

i wonder what type of build she would be tho maybe not in the story but in the actual Dark Souls 3 (most likely pure Intelligence spellcaster build for max spell dmg)

oh maybe she will get the pyromancers flame ^_^

7955743 are you doing good man

Reading this story now, right off the bat two nit picky things. Twilight being pulled in by a tug on her magic? Depends on how this AU's magic works, fixed relative to foci or loose relative to foci?

Second, Twilight not sticking around to try and find her way back. The portal is quite literally right there. She just has to find it.

7972555 We will assume a moment it is right there and she just has to look extra hard for it.

Let's say she does so.

Okay, story's over. Go home.

Well, that was fun.

Or! We can assume it's either A: Not there, or B: She didn't find it because she's in delicious agony, and then later thoroughly distracted from it.

The story continues!

Take your poison.

Silly Twilight, sorcery isnt viable in pvp.

I need a time machine to make this story come to me sooner.

what he had and his dress-like clothing off the edge. - what he had, and his dress-like clothing, off the edge.

You bare the sword. - You bear the sword.

journey , serving - journey, serving

an unsual Unkindled - an unusual Unkindled

harshly whisperd - harshly whispered

weary traveller - weary traveler

woman. Pale - woman, pale

could see through them - could see through them

much of he area - much of the area

Gives me Conniptions. - Gives me conniptions.

I think that Twilights spirit is harder to break than the knight imagines...

aaaaannnnnd cue the twilight flips out scene because she now knows she is dead

Ok, so Twilights dead. I'm willing to bet her soul stayed strong, though. Staying with her.

7986041 I don't think"undead" here means she's an abomination of necromancy or so. Only one that died but somehow lives anew. Her heart still beats, after all. I guess :applejackconfused:

7985780 Hawkwood's just as much as a bundle of positivity in the game. At least he won't cynically mock the typos anymore. That was getting tiring.

Eh. Undead in Dark Souls come in a few flavors...

I actually wonder if the story is going to cover what sort of undead Twilight is, and thus I shouldn't say more due to spoilers.

To be vauge, the curse of undeath is complicated. It's unnatural not to die but the curse is a natural part of the world.

And the other characters talking about Unkindled are talking about another type of undead entirely.

I wasn't implying such. She's more a Lich if anything, except her soul is still bound to her body. Quite firmly, might I add.

She grabbed at the bolt lodged in her chest with her magic and tried to wrench it free. All she freed was more blood.

I'm rather inexperienced but even I could tell her that that was dumb

*rubs hands like a maniac*

Oh boy, this gonna be gud.:pinkiecrazy: I´m curious to see how Twilight will react to certain covenants, like the good old Sunbros (praise the Sun \[T]/) or the loony Moundmakers.

7989679 Oh boy, there's definitely some potential with the covenants (particularly the Warriors of Sunlight). I never even thought of that.

7986558 Nailed it there. Off the top of my head, I can only think of two kinds of undead. There are the (as far as I know) "regular" ones (the kind that kind eventually become hollow), which the player plays as in Dark Souls 1 and 2, and the unkindled ash, which the player is in Dark Souls 3. The Pale Lady has confirmed that Twilight isn't unkindled ash, and I think she of all people would know. With her becoming dead-looking after her first death, signs point to her being regular undead, though I don't think we'll know for sure unless we find out if she has a Dark Sign.

All that said, I'm really looking forward to reading more. The Dark Souls series is one of my favorite game series and doing a crossover with it and MLP:FIM is just crazy enough to work. XD I'm looking forward to seeing how she reacts to using souls to increase her intelligence stat (which is probably already off the charts XD ).

There are also skeletons. Gravelord Nito stuff. That is also the undead.

And unless they are just a really advanced version of cursed undead are probably something different as well.

7990266 I don't know about skeletons being actual undead as they are in that setting as opposed to simple animated bones. But that's part of what's great (in my opinion) about DS. There's so much to speculate on. XD Regardless, looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Andre is a good guy. He's helpful, he's hopeful, even.

information beside - information besides

Beside the color - Besides the color

demured the crone - demurred the crone

She pat her own chest - She patted her own chest

Still enjoying this story. I think that despite everything, Twilight will be more light and warmth to this world than it takes from her. At least I'm really hoping for her...

Haven't gotten to play a dark souls game yet but Andre seems to be a nice guy in a world of death. I like him, is he like this in the games?

Andre got a heart of gold, Praise the Smith

This is pretty damn much how I imagined interacting with Andre outside the usual "infuse this please, reinforce my flasks with that, thank you very much etc." He is truly one of the view characters who give you a small sense of warmth, an anchor of sorts in the world of Dark Souls.

Maybe Twi will also get along with Greirat, once she comes over the fact that he is a "petty thief" (and hopefully, she will not send him to his death pillaging Lothric castle). I know I grew to really, really like the guy.^^ Irina of Carim and onionbro Siegward seem like good canidates for friendship too. Anri of Astora and Horace will propably make for interessting appearances too.

Ringfinger Leonhard and Yuria of Londor... not so much, once Twilight delves a bit deeper into their lore.

The cutie mark of a pony was their purpose and destiny. To have it changed was a foul thing.

I suppose she doesn't particularly care that she did the same thing to her own friends some time back.

7992422 She felt awful and worked to fix it.

7992446 I suppose that makes up for it.
It doesn't change the fact that she failed to mention the experience but it is what it is.

7992458 How does that relate to the personal feeling of violation? She did not feel that then. How could she? It wasn't her.

7992519 Right right right. Sorry; I just reread it. Whoops.:facehoof:

There were no answers there, that she could see. She moved for the doors and rest a hoof on one, giving it a push. It gave just faintly, but it was heavy. She turned her magic on it, gripping both and giving a mighty mental heave. They swung open, revealing a lit exterior that looked like she was on top of a castle? She wasn't entirely sure, but it was outside, and light. Looking out across the way, she could see a massive castle in the distance, separated by a great void. If her wings were working, she could just fly over there, but then, something she needed could be where she was. It wouldn't pay to assume the answers were in any given place. She would have to be thorough...

Funfact: you can actually see most of the game from this view, but you don't know what you're looking at or for so you don't know it.

This includes being able to see Irithyll in the distance.

I quite like how you came up with the story to Healing Aid.^^ I myself allways kinda wondered what those stories might contain, but was more busy imagining my Ashen One talking with the people she met on her journey or in the shrine or her thoughts as she traveled Lothric.

*takes out a soapstone and scripples on the ground* Twi, I strongly suggest you either buy a short sword from the Handmaiden or strenghten your faith a bit more, so you can use the Astora sword waiting for you in the depths of the High Wall. Also, friend ahead, therefore find key.

8017537 She may think he's been locked up for a reason and leave him there. XD

As always, keep up the great work. Loving this story and how Twilight approaches the world of Dark Souls. =)

le sigh generic caster twilight now dont get me wrong im still going to read this but sigh what i wouldnt give to have twi wield a sword and armour

8017537 The miracles are supposed to be tales of, well, miracles, big and small. It seemed like a dandy opportunity to be creative!

I say and you did a swell job.^^b

Give her time. Soon she will come to the conclusion that a chunk of wood will not serve her well in the long run. At the latest, when she faces Vordt.

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