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Heavy In The Hallway

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A genetically engineered Xenomorph King and Royal facehugger egg infused with human DNA are born in the depths of a deep space research station for... malicious purposes. After escaping, He sets out among the stars to find a strong enough being to impregnate as the infused DNA causes dangerous side effects during the process.

Picture is not mine, Found from Alien Fanon.

OLD STORY: Chapter 0 (This is the Before the rewrite began, It is still here so I can cringe.)
PROLOGUE: Chapter 1 to ???
ARC 1: Chapter ??? to ???

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If anyone was in the middle of reading the chapters when they disappeared, I apologize lol. Everything has been re-uploaded as a single chapter 0 called Old Story. This is because a re-write is in the works! Thanks for checking my old work out!

"Very good my queen... these traits will help the hive." Zenome said congratulating Praetoris.

h 0 oldStoryQeen Xenomorph with powe of Luna , and flight , tht is .. upgrade , it is considred Xenmorph tobe branch of the thin but for impenatin hosts kilin them and only relyin of the nelience of the crew to infiltrate while he thin can mimicry perfectly

ook? what is next? So the stantion somethin happend unknown wha i do not get it .

somethig about the personal toet armed , unarmed to be in safety , frienfly Xenomorph iswalkingarounnd , It is not nececery to shoot in thecurrent conditions .

isf iis enemy andwat enemy is unkown

I hope the story doesn’t become too fast paced like most of its kind so far I’m liking the world development can’t wait to see what happens next

Same here, but i am mostly worried of this fic dying like all others.


This fic (probably) won’t die unless I die


I am going to try and maintain the current flow. I find while fast paced stories can sometimes be enjoyable it depends on what kind of genre it is. But I’m committed to the flow!

I can barely wait untill the next chapter of this epic story. :pinkiehappy:

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