• Published 20th Feb 2017
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Redheart's Patient - Pusspuss

Finn has fallen for Nurse Redheart and wants to tell her how he feels. Unfortunately the only way he can spend time with her is by visiting the hospital, so he has to constantly hurt himself just to get a chance to tell her how he feels.

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This chapter, I like it. ANOTHER!

B-but... when's clop tho...


Not this again. :ajbemused: You get out of here! :flutterrage:


*Puts knife away and walks off, whistling*

Another story I can't read until it's complete. You fiend. why torment me so? :raritydespair:


you get to wait sir!


I can't really put my finger on why

Probably because it seems rather surreal to hear a pony swear, and I said the same thing to Puss on skype when I mentioned it to him :rainbowlaugh:

Did you seriously get bullied into never doing 2nd Person again?

You only feel the taste after 30 minutes.

Sounds about right.

One of the hardest things to tell the one you have feelings for that you love them.

What? No. :rainbowderp: No one has bullied me abut anything as far as I know. Why would you think that?

I don't really like writing 2nd person. I always prefer third person.

What happneed. :rainbowderp: I hope you were okay after that. :raritydespair:

*slow sarcastic claping* Nice job Finn, you dumbass.

7962503 Well someone called you a creep over that Octavia fic. Speaking of. If you don't like writing 2nd Person, why in god's name did you do it?

Someone called me a creep!? :twilightoops: Who did?

And I wrote that story because it went with some art I drew and I thought the second person would be a better way to tell the story since the main character is supposed to be the reader.


In doing so, he discovered that he had been completely stripped down and covered with a very large, plane-white hospital gown that barely fit him.

Your editing team missed this one. Every single one of them! :flutterrage:

Also, ponies might have a very ... skewed perception of humanity if Finn is the only human they encounter. They'd probably consider it a miracle that we exist as a species at all! :rainbowlaugh:

Foolishly breaking...
This sounds like the movie version of Cannery Row.

So... I feel there's a competition between you and MMTB to see who writes the most adorkable love story.

Are you and MMTB hooking up later or what? Because that's how most love stories begin, y'know?

Anyways, keep writting, this is Golden! :pinkiehappy:

7962355 This isn't your average brain dead sex fic, kiddo. Stuff like that takes a while to get to, because there is more to a relationship than fucking. That's what a real love fic is all about.

7962368 Which I gotta commend the author of the story for. You took the extra step of providing a "realistic" scenario, as well as giving us not just some 'X fucks Y in this way'.

7962689 Dude... I'm pretty sure Jeremy's comment was just a joke. That's just the kind of relationship dynamic he and Puss have, and I share in the same thing with Puss as well. Jeremy's written his share of romance too, so I can ascertain that he knows "what a real love fic is all about".

I've known Pusspuss long enough to share in his sense of humour and that of others, so I can inform you that Puss' response was also in jest.

In short: People will have different relationship dynamics that go beyond what you read in the comments of a story. Don't be so quick to judge.


Instant top of the feature box.

Or at least running neck and neck with the Tantabus Mk II sequel as of about 6 AM CST.

I hope one day Pusspuss can teach me the real meaning of true love.:heart:

Finn is an honest to god creep. The only sensible way for this story to end is if Redheart finds out about his self harming habit and files a restraining order on his ass.

This is pretty amazing so far. And Redheart is just the cutest pone.

I found a few errors. One being.

plane-white hospital gown

Should be plain.

Also. Klutz was misspelt as clutz. Aside from that, great work. If you ever need another proofreader, just gimme a shout.

I don't think you have enough editors. :rainbowwild:

Puss dear, is this you abandoning Lightning Dust? :rainbowwild:

7962722 Joke or not, what I said still stands. Note that I wasn't angry or triggered when I wrote that comment. I just felt like pointing out this fic's differences between clopfics and love fics.

Yes, fight it! Fight to save face! If you dig in hard enough, no one will think you looked silly at all!

j/k ilu

7963056 Why would I look silly at all? I stated why the fic isn't your day-to-day clopfic. Case closed.

7962392 :twilightoops:...was there someone behind me?

7962936 no i see through his master plan! he is going to release two chapters of clop on the same day! resulting in over 1k people taking the day off for exhaustion! its genius really.

Alright, I did my thumbs up and tracking thing, just like you asked. Now when's the clop? :rainbowwild: :rainbowlaugh: :trollestia:

Also, when's Lightning Dust gonna get some sweet monkey dick action? :trollestia:

I didn't ask you to do that. :fluttercry: and it's going to be in the next chapter! :flutterrage:

I know you didn't ask. I was just teasing you. :trollestia:

Why are you always so mean to me! :raritycry:

You know why. :rainbowwild: :trollestia:

I really don't because I've already found over 10 errors that they all missed! :flutterrage:

Oh wow! You got to be a story approver! Gratz man. I remember back in the day when you were just a lonely peon like the rest of us. :ajsmug:

Foolishly breaking one's own body in the name of love, and sex.

"Excuse me - sir...sir....SIR...SIRR...EXCUSE MEEE....SIR! HELLOOOO..." - Average Mare Nurse

*sees PussPuss artwork in Featured box*
*stumbles and looks at author's name*


Read at another time damnit >.>

7962822 Not sure what you're trying to say here


Y...You remember me?


“I can’t believe it...” Redheart mumbled through a soft sob, relaxing her grip on Finn as she looked back at the book that was now resting between his legs. “After all these years.”


Ahh lovely.

“A rouge hoofball came crashing into your head. "

Should be "rogue". Rouge is French for red. The only other thing I remember seeing was the plane-white hospital gown that others mentioned should say plain-white.

Anyways, I find that Finn, like the guy from Lightning's Bet, reminds me of Lloyd Alexander's male characters. Doting on their loved ones, but can't manage to tell them they're attracted, and completely overlook obvious signs that their loved one likes them, too. Alexander is my favorite author, so don't take that as frustration with his inability to tell her bluntly.

Can't wait for a date to happen. :yay:

OH GOD YES!!! Can't wait to read this later! :pinkiehappy:

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