First off, Dusky hates everything, mostly dolls though. Anyway, I ever tell you about that time when me and crimsonpit stared into each others eyes for about five hours? It was a intense time. It was so-

Four Fanfic Readers make their way through Manehatten, boomsticks and pointy sticks at the ready. However, whenever ponies who read fanfics group up to fight zombies, things will get crazy.

Contains anthro ponies, light gore, and chaos.

Chapters (1)
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TLeft 4 Derpy
Derpy finds herself in the zombie apocalypse with four humans.
Edmar Fecler · 50k words  ·  960  26 · 13k views
TLeft 4 Derpy 2
Derpy and her daughter Dinky have to fight their way through zombies and even the army by the sides of the four survivors of the zombie apocalypse in search of an escape.
Edmar Fecler · 8.4k words  ·  377  7 · 3.2k views

8362354Ooh more good fanfics about L4D? Sweet.

8363839 The second is seemingly on 'permanent hiatus', but both are good.

You don't have to. Read 'em.:ajsmug:

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