• Published 15th Feb 2017
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My Little Hunters: Friendship is Achieving - PoH

The Achievement Hunters of Austin, Texas are finishing up a let's play when all of a sudden, a flash illuminates the room. Unconscious for who knows how long, they wake up to not only in another room but in another dimension.

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Chapter 1: Welcome, Hunters

Author's Note:

This is my first fanfic that I'll ever be writing. I hope that I do well! Anyways, I would like constructive criticism or positive comments :twilightsmile: this is a quick little chapter to test the waters. Your feedback will help me a lot in what direction to head in

Chapter 1: Welcome Hunters

In the Royal Castle of Canterlot

The halls of Canterlot were empty and sunlight entered through the towering windows. The colors are filled with hues of orange, red, and purple signaling the sun's slow dip under the horizon. The dimming light was soon joined by sound of galloping hooves against the spotless floors.

A small amethyst color alicorn with a twinkling star for a cutie mark sped through the halls. Weaving left and right, up and down halls all whilst carrying a satchel over her back. Finally, as she had ran many minutes trying to return from the wizard's tower, she arrived at her desired destination: the throne room. She burst through the door to be met by three more alicorns.

A tall white one with a rainbow colored mane and a sun for a cutie mark, proceeded to ask, "Did you have any trouble finding them?" Twilight had stopped in front of the tall one known as Princess Celestia, currently joined by a pink colored alicorn with a crystal heart for a cutie mark known as Princess Cadence.

"Did our guardsmen assist you as we had hoped?" said the midnight blue alicorn, known as Princess Luna as she began to slowly raise the moon. She turned from the balcony and joined the three alicorns now surrounding a drawn rune on the floor. Twilight spoke.

"Yes," she said between breaths, "they helped like you asked despite having to look low and high for them." She composed herself as and aura glowed around her horn as the bag lids were lifted open by the same aura. White colored gems floated out of the bag and over circular parts surrounding the rune. They began to float on their own.

"Hmm, it seems we have created the rune correctly as the dragon bone paste holds the gems autonomously." Celestia said, examining the gems closely. "Well then, we must begin while the night is young." She proclaimed to the other three.

All three nodded and got on opposite ends of each other and focused to the center of the rune. "Are you three ready?" Twilight asked with a scroll open in front of her. All of them nodded as they began to charge up a predetermined spell towards the center. As they focused, the gibberish on the scroll began to levitate off the parchment and encircled the four alicorns. The power intensified until it was nothing but a white flash.

In the mythical land of Austin, Texas

"Alright then, Ray won the Tower of Pimps!" Geoff exclaimed.

"Woohoooo." Ray said monotonously throwing roses in all directions.

"FUCK!" a raging Michael yelled, "Gavin you fucking moron, why did you kill me and take my stuff?! I could've beaten him off his win streak of like 30!" Gavin shielded his face from the onslaught of punches coming from Michael in the real life as he began squawking all kinds of nonsense. Jack and Ryan turned from their screens and began laughing at Gavin who is now on the floor being pummeled by Michael.

"1, 2, 3 , 4 yaaaaaaaaaay" Ray said as he constructed the Tower of Pimps in front of his dirt abode and jumped around on top, with Michael and Gavin still on the floor. "Lllllllllllet's stop." He then said as he got up from his chair and began to stretch.

Geoff stood up, "Alright let's get these two off of each other before they stain the carpet." as Geoff, Jack, and Ryan reached to pull the still swinging Michael off of Gavin a spark appeared on the ceiling that only Gavin saw. He started to actually push Michael off of him as he became concerned about the sparking.

"Wait, wait, Micoo. Look!!" Gavin yelled, pointing to the spot in the ceiling that was sparking. Michael stopped and looked up as everyone else's eyes followed Michael's and Gavin's.

"What the fuck is that?" Geoff asked quizzically, "Ryan? What is that?"

"Okay just cause I'm good with computers doesn't mean I know everything!" He said half chuckling. Gavin interrupted.

"Wait Gents, Lads." He kept staring upward, "Look, it's gettin' brighter!" The light indeed got brighter until it was hard to look at. One by one they shielded their eyes as the light became more intense.

"What the f-" was all Ray could say before the light vanished along with the six men.

Canterlot Throne Room

The four alicorns stood with their eyes closed as the spell began to work it's power. Twilight watched the gems become drained of their power going from white to a ghostly purple. As the light dimmed, she tried to see the creatures they had summoned. When the light had faded, the four alicorns stood in awe as they saw a species that they had all taken to be mythical.

"A-are those...?" Cadence began, but couldn't finish.

"Humans." Twilight finished her sister figure's sentence. Twilight walked up to the unconscious men and examined them closely. They smelled strange, like Applejack's grazing fields for her animals. "Hmm," she began, "three of them seem fairly young while three look quite older." The other three princesses came closer slowly, fearing that the myths they would tell fillies and colts were true. "I don't think they're dangerous." Twilight concluded.

"We cannot be too sure," Celestia began, "I decree we lock them in the dungeon until we can be sure they will cause no harm to Equestria." Twilight snapped her head up to meet the eyes of Celestia.

"With all due respect, Princess" Twilight began protesting, "but we can't just lock them in the dungeon!" Celestia didn't look convinced so Twilight continued, "If we lock them up and they wake up to a cell, they may respond violently and will be unwilling to cooperate. Besides, they are out of their element and will respond better to peaceful interaction rather than interrogation." Celestia looked at the six men, obviously beginning to be moved by Twilight's words. "I believe we should keep an eye on them, but without their knowledge. Have them stay in the ambassador's chambers until they are awake, but have guards posted outside the door and on the balcony."

Celestia considered this for a moment as she glanced to her sister who was also feeling sympathetic for the humans before them. Celestia gave in, "Alright, my student." she said in a fearful tone, "we will follow your suggestion." She turned to a guard by the door. "Lieutenant, get your most trustworthy men to relocate these humans to the ambassador's chambers before sunrise. Have those same men guard the room from anyone but us four princesses." The guard saluted and galloped out of the room. Celestia turned to Twilight who wore a soft smile.

"Thank you, your majesty." Twilight said with relief in her voice.

"Mark me, Twilight," Luna began, "although we and our sister trust your judgement, we want you to know that should these 'Hunters' not cooperate or begin wreaking havoc on Equestria," Luna said as she closed the distance between her and Twilight until they were a foot apart, "we will personally see to their destruction." Twilight gulped a little bit. Luna sensed this and backed off, "Although, we believe you have made the correct choice. Should they wish to assist us, we must treat them as such, not as common prisoners." She said ending with a glare towards Celestia.

"Yes," Celestia said, slightly embarrassed, "but what of the humans when they find out their personal predicament of not being able to immediately return to their dimension?" The guards had already began filing in and carrying the six humans out of the throne room to their new destination.

Twilight smirked as she watched the guards carry Gavin out last, place the red carpet over the runes burned into the ground, and collected all of the drained gems, "Then I guess we can turn this into more of an exchange than a plea for help."