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Creativity knows no bounds for me, which is why my MLP Wahtiff scenarios do not stick with either a single headcanon, romantic shipping, source of influence from other authors, or even added canon.


The day they had met, Fluttershy began to love, and that love was directed, growing ever-stronger, towards the soon-to-be Princess Twilight Sparkle. She long put off her confession, yet constantly reassured and encouraged to tell Twilight her feelings through the promise of being together with the mare of her dreams forever.

Fortunately, today Twilight is getting married.

Unfortunately, it is to a different pegasus, and Fluttershy can only stand back and watch with a broken heart as Twilight's Best Mare, with Twilight still not knowing what her feelings were- and never finding out.

My inspiration came from the fic Twin Desires: The Tale of Two Ponies Who Want Twilight by StormLuna, but more from seeing the like-dislike ratio and seeing the comment section beneath it. Now, I'm not going to berate StormLuna for the negative opinion toward a certain pairing... but I AM going to try and set some angered fans of said pairing at ease by presenting this as a somewhat better second take- a better "Wahtiff" scenario, hopefully.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 8 )

Do not worry my friend. I will join you in the FlashLight nuclear bunker. I stand tall! :flutterrage:

On a more scholarly note, I am pleased to see someone taking a more rational approach to this story scenario. I feel like the other fic wasn't very professional, especially with that ridiculous depiction of Flash. I think even people who don't care for Flash can agree that the way he was depicted and the sudden and abrupt "climax" was utter rubbish and forced. I felt the whole fic was more of a trollfic, honestly, a way for the writer to vent his personal opinions and shipping frustrations.

That's my analysis, anyways.

Again, I'm liking this story so far. I hope you can conduct a more rational, well-written version of it.

Salutations and good luck!

7949332 In all honesty, I have an equal admiration for both pairings, but I can't for the life of me figure out why people are so hateful towards Flash Sentry. Oh well, I guess I'll never find out.

Stay safe in the bunker, my friend. If this fic doesn't do well, the bombs are gonna drop. :yay:

Oh wait, that's a bad thing: :twilightoops:

7949516 I've never liked any intra-Mane 6 ships, honestly. Dunno why. But I've always supported FlashLight, despite the abomination (in my opinion) that is Equestria Girls.

Why hate Flash? Probably one of two things:
1) Waifu stealing. Is that petty and stupid? Yes. This fandom CAN be petty? RLY?!?

2) For the more rational people, because Flash as he is is the most boring, generic, uninteresting character, who was somewhat forcibly-shipped with our beloved Princess.

You see, while others hate Flash Sentry for these reasons, I actually view these shortcomings as opportunities. I view the PONY Flash Sentry as a "blank slate". We can feel free to fill in the blanks on him as we wish. While some do this to make him look like a horrible pony, I do the opposite, and plan to write the opposite in my upcoming FlashLight fic. I use it to fix Hasbro's mistakes and craft him into a well-rounded, interesting character, who slowly but surely earns Twilight's love rather than just "they met and totally lieked each offer and libed hapily evr after teh end".

Anyways, rant over, and again, good story!

7949537 Honestly, I've had the strangest feeling that Hasbro as a whole WISHES they could come up with stories like the ones people write on sites like this. I've read plenty of Flash Sentry fics and I gotta say they're pretty much ALL on the opposite end of the spectrum from what we see happening in EqG. No doubt your fic will be just as good, and I'll definitely be happy to give it a look-over when you're finished.

Still, though, ships like Rarilight and Twishy got to me first, so I'm sticking with them in my writing for now. I don't know why, but the intra-Mane 6 ships just seem a whole lot BETTER to me for some reason- and of course Shining Armor x Cadence fics.

WHOA, HOLD UP THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. I came out expecting massive feels because of my TwiShy bias and was excited to see how this premise was going to be handled. And yess, I love how it's done so much, I was caught along for the journey and had that uncertainty too and surprise when I saw what was happening. Ahhhh, really love how you've portrayed everyone too and the change of atmosphere. The way everyone interacts. Love thisssssss

I'd honestly like to finish it, but I've been having some serious writer block regarding how to continue from the end of chapter 2. It's frustrating, but Ill come up with something eventually.

That's something that always sneaks up in its own ways, does it not?
But yesssssssssss, it might be something that you've heard too often but I'll reiterate and say that I'll still be excited no matter the length of the wait as you've already just captivated me so much with what's hear and as long as you let your ideas and flow and have it reach naturally then you'll certainly continue with that concept to add on with this!!!

In that case, when it's done, I hope the ending I've had in mind lives up to the rest of the story. Thanks for the encouragement! :pinkiehappy:

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