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Princess Twilight Sparkle has discovered something momentous: she is descended from the legendary Star Swirl the Bearded! In her excitement, she goes to Canterlot to inform Princess Celestia of her discovery.

Celestia then proceeds to inform Twilight why her relation to Star Swirl isn't actually all that important.

Teen/sex rating is for mentions of polygamy and ponies having offspring.

Day 12 of my Self-Imposed 28 Fics in 28 Days Challenge

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Comments ( 12 )

I guess Starswirl's beard was a huge hit with the mares. Huh, who knew. :moustache:

Nice story, Emp. :twilightsmile:

Reminds me of "Your Secret Mother" by Crystal Moose, in which almost everyone was descended from / related to Celestia and Luna.

Wasn't Clover the Clever a mare?

Anyway this story make a good point, it's comparable to a person today saying they descend from William the Conqueror. I do, and so does everyone else. 80% of Englishman descend from Edward III.

7944398 I can't remember, but was it declared in canon? I can't recall it in the series very well, and remember it being pretty much left undeclared between mare or stallion. A lot of people tend to go the mare route because of the skewed sex ratio.

7944735 Well I've always assumed Clover was a mare, primarly because Clover sound more like a girls names. Plus, The Journal of the Two Sisters states that out of the six founders of Equestria, only Commander Hurricane was a stallion. So Clover, Platinum, Smart Cookie, Puddinghead, and Pansy are all mares.

Star Swirl was from the pre-classical era, not the classical.

Actually Starswirl having quite a few foals is not a very important factor in being formal ancestor of most modern unicorns: same would be true for any pony P living 60 generations ago under assumption of no great negative selection pressure and no early catastrophe. Even under moderate negative selection pressure most of modern ponies could be formally descendants of P while sharing no actual genetic information with P. I kinda expected a small lecture on population genetics by Celestia. Although number of direct children may influence probability of discovering Starswirl when random sampling father-side ancestor lines: he had a good kick-start and then random drift did the rest.

Clover the Clever and Celestia? huh, who knew. fun read

I like the lesson this story teaches. Blood and bloodlines don't make a person/pony. It's the person/pony that makes themselves.

The problem with that message is that this story contradicts it.
If their ancestors don't matter, then why are Star Swirl's descendants punished for their lineage by being weaker than other Unicorns?
And regardless of the reasons, wouldn't that mean that ancestry does matter?
The message this story tries to send, and the story itself, seem contradictory.

"Um...." Twilight Sparkle grabbed at the scroll, dragging it back and pointing. "Was there another mare named Celestia back then?"

"No, I don't think so." Celestia sipped her tea and waited for the next inevitable question.

"Or... Luna?" asked Twilight, unrolling the scroll a little further, and then a little more. And then a little more.

Cutting off Twilight before she managed to blush herself into a severe stress fracture, Celestia said, "Did I mention he was a very considerate unicorn, particularly in bed? And six foals from one sire is not completely out of the ordinary." Celestia cleared her throat deliberately and added, "Even though Luna had to one-up me by having twins to bring her numbers up to seven."

Bahahaha!!! That is funny and kind of wrong... but kind of not, lol!

Seriously, with a wiped out male population, that solution is the fastest and most genetically diverse way to make things rebound. I love your take on Celestia being such a troll about it. :trollestia:

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