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The mane six plan a vacation to the beach, and Twilight invites Starlight to go with them.

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The group was shocked. "Pinkie!", Twilight scowled. "Are you a red neck or something? They're dangerous, you'll probably die after you crash."

Offensive stereotype by Twilight.

Dear Princess Celestia:
w h a t

I like this story for three reasons:

■ It has exaclty 1000 words (that's so beautiful)
■ The story actually deserves it
■ Spikey-poo

I love the Fanfiction so far, Keep up the good work and I cant wait for the rest of the story :yay:

How can a crab pinch hurt him, he has thick scales.

She forget to add that Gilda and Rainbow Dash made up.

Fluttershy wasn't with Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash when they made up with her.

There's also burying in the sand.

I know, I'm going to make a part of that in the story.

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