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...what? It's a school bake sale.

Seriously. Just a perfectly innocent little filly trying to raise some money for her class by selling baked goods in one of Cloudsdale's better-known establishments. A completely normal event in every possible way. Absolutely nothing bad is going to happen.


...well, nothing bad is going to happen to her.

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goddammit Estee

goddammit is right. :rainbowlaugh:


...no, actually, this is just about perfect. :rainbowlaugh:

"With a... mechanical rice picker?"

Do I detect a Star Trek reference? Or is my age showing....

...Are they HOPING Scootaloo does the next one? OR are they scared that she'll do it instead?

Is Estee Jumping the Shark, or vice versa?

They're homemade! For the bake sale. Because when you have a bake sale, you make cupcakes at home. Then you bring them to a business, they give you a table, and you sell them to the first shift because not everypony remembers to have breakfast every morning, even though it's the most important meal of the day and they really should have had something before they got here. Except everypony shouldn't, or they wouldn't buy anything. Unless they were getting a snack for later. Like a cupcake. Cupcakes are good snacks.

Yup, that's Twilight's daughter, alright.

In any case, a delightful little snack of a story. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

Well, this is exactly what it says on the tin. :)

All of Twilight's next gen children are really great.


I fail to see why you feel the need to use such foul language concerning a perfectly innocent Everyone-rated story about a filly trying to get through a bake sale.


... I'm confuzzled. But it was good nevertheless.

Honestly, Scootaloo would somehow find a way to bring the whole operation down, so they're right to be concerned.

Fun, low-calorie story.


I feel like I am missing something (or several somethings) key to this. Like a 5000 piece puzzle where your older brother has taken and hidden 2 of the pieces from you.

I have read Past Sins so I am familiar with Nyx, and while I have not read Cupcakes, I have seen enough artwork and tropes to get the basic gist, but where do Scootaloo and the box come into play?

Even though I missed the (full) punchline, this story was quite an enjoyable one-shot on its own. Thanks for the entertaining read!

I fully expected to be entertained, and you did not disappoint. You even managed to avoid poking undeserved fun at Nyx, and given I'm a bit of a fan of her's I appreciate that.

Estee you did not disappoint. You did a fine job today.

7942704 my exact words that left my mouth upon seeing the title

Nyx, offspring of the most literal-minded unicorn in Equestria, proves that the chocolate chip doesn't fall far from the cookie.

At least Sweetie Belle didn't help make the bake sale goods.

not to mention she was once a very traditionally-minded princess who has not seen the surface of the Earth up close for 1000 years.

huh, wasn't thinking about the whole thing. It was funny, but a little annoying at the same time. I know it's playing off the two "best" stories, don't know what to call them (creepypastas?). The fact that a worker is confused about it and that they keep getting students there is what's annoying. I'm not saying that I hate the writing or the story, it's good.

Please, Estée. PP needs to use foal language. How else will the babies in the audience understand?

Or better yet, he can use fowl language, too :V There's probably ducks in the audience, too. How else will he get their attention?

Nah. It's clearly the shark jumped over the tub and into the void below, for that is the trickery of the bubberducky :derpyderp1:

7942816 The story primary references Rainbow Factory (warning: TV Tropes link). If you're not familiar with that one, then yeah, the story probably doesn't make much sense. The box is a My Little Dashie reference.

I bet the title spawns art...

...by people that didn't go on to actually read the story.

47 days too early, Estee.

Now I need a sequel...
Scootaloo, what are you going to do to those nice factory workers?

Dear lord, four story references in one... yeesh.

The item, which seemed to be just the right side,

did you mean for this to be 'size'?

Also this was great.
We always need more Nyx.


I feel like this is wasted potential. I mean, I THINK I get what you were aiming for, but you never quite hit that cognative disconnect between the two subject matters: innocent filly antics and torturous foal murder. Honestly? I don't think it could be done without a Teen rating. What it needed is a PTSD addled worker to see her and break down in tears while buying an apple turnover, or someone mistaking her for new "material." Maybe even a worker with splashed... er, "used fluid" and Nyx blissfully unaware offers him some napkins.

All in all, this was a simple story about a filly selling cupcakes. To my mind it had little if anything to do with the Rainbow Factory we all know, which begs the question why even use it. Again, I think you were going for the humor of innocence in the face of tragedy, but if you weren't, then what was the joke? I sense the prompt came from an unfortunate conversation, which would make it even funnier if you had used the settings better. But for all it appears, this is just a normal factory where they don't normally see kids. The setting wasn't used to its full potential.

Those mechanical rice pickers! The keep wrecking your senses, especially the ears. It's hard to believe how those things have lived long and prospered. :trixieshiftright:


The purpose was:

1. Create one of the site's most potentially trolling titles ever.
2. Subvert it.

And now that I think about it, when it comes the potential Most Trolling Title Ever, directly followed by subversion... it's time for a blog post contest!


I say again, eh. I mean, I completely understand, but the act of making the most trolling title ever is kind of nerfed by the description. You all but flat out say, "I'm trolling you." And to top it off, as you said in your blog post, you DID use vague elements of the grim dark origins, which once more leaves me scratching my head.

Iunno. I guess I just don't get the joke.

Cute! Although I would think Cheerilee would be considerate enough to not unleash such gastrointestinal distress on the general population, but perhaps the kids came up with the idea on their own - make it a nice surprise for the teacher, you know, And I am tickled Pinkie Pink by the notion of a pie with Lovecraftian geometry. "My God, Carter, that pie...it was too round."


So it goes.

I'm still trying to justify an act of cold-blooded piano murder. Humor's somewhat more subjective.

Holy shit that title! :rainbowlaugh:


The story primary references Rainbow Factory (warning: TV Tropes link).



*hours pass*


Oh! Right! Rainbow Factory!

So that is what it was? Huh... I guess the shock value has faded a bit over the years. I do seem to recall a black-comedy spoof about an OSHA inspection or somesuch...

...found the banana bread, which turned out to be bread in the shape of a banana.

It's so sad that this line is what I found to be funniest in the story. I'm mildly ashamed of myself.

0/10 you didn't put in "Featuring Mom from the Button May Mash(tm) series" in the title, not dank enough

Also the fic's k.

The meta is strong in this one.

Do foals help Cheerilee with her garden in this story?

A Nyx story not only readable, but highly enjoyable.

7943521 Ican't believe you said that :derpytongue2:



Nyx does get selected to help Cheerilee, and Lyra Heartstrings rescues her from a fate worse than... something. I can't quite remember what.

Well, that didn't work.

7942704 Avatar entirely relevant to comment

This is still a thing? Frack it. If the Cheeto Bandito can rule with an iron fist as we have Nazis as ponies, this ridiculous nonsense of a ridiculous meme can exist. It's not like it's any worse than Annoying Orange Hitler.

The twist? Scootaloo actually produces edibles that aren't toxic because Cheerilee made it very clear that only winged ponies were allowed to make goods for the bake sale and her parents store-bought the goods.


Do foals help Cheerilee with her garden in this story?

*glances at said blog post*

No, but it looks like SilverShadow is working on that one.


I am filing you under the following category:

If This One Hates Me, I'm Doing Something Right.

After all, there was every chance that the next time around, Ponyville would send up Scootaloo.

Oh dear Jesus. That could go so, so many ways. Barely any of them in any remotest sense "good".:rainbowlaugh:

7943018 make them rice cakes

Um, interesting little story

I don't think most school bake sales actually have goods baked by the students though

Seriously, no one ever thinks to ask Pinkie for help? AND I am unsure of the Rice Picker bit.

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