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This story is a sequel to Putin Hacks Equestria

For too long, Ponies have been taking our jobs, getting caught in our jet turbines, and joining ISIS. Okay, so they've only really been doing two of those things, but that's still cause enough for the most powerful man in the world to ban them from the United States! Still, though, what will the democrats in the Senate say? And even more important, how will the alicorn Princesses react to the ban?

And what exactly is going on in Ukraine?

This story is the Spiritual Successor and *technical* sequel to "Putin Hacks Equestria". As before, there is significant political satire (everyone gets roasted equally, don't worry), and fun links in the story to follow.

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Comments ( 81 )
-Andre- #1 · Feb 10th, 2017 · · 1 ·

Lol. I lost my shit. XD

You might as well make it a one shot and keep it as such.

As someone who did a Trump story, all I can say is. Prepare for the sea of downvotes and triggered SJW's

+1, keep doing gods work,

7936982 My bad, didn't set the tag to "Complete". Good Catch.

Well technically we are illegal aliens there...

This is so stupid, but pretty funny! :rainbowlaugh: Poor Discord though. :fluttershysad:

This is honestly the funniest shit I've seen this year.

Make Equestria great again!

You sir have ALL of my yes!!

Fucking GENIUS, man.

Have a like :twilightsmile:

11:24 AM MEZ We have 15 downvotes (Clintonvoters)

7937103 Tfw you write a biting piece of political satire directed at all political figureheads regardless of affiliation but battle lines get drawn anyway


They committed heresy against God-Emperor Trump! PURGE THE HERETICS! :pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:

These fics show just how ridiculous our world has become on ALL sides. It's like the last two years have been written by Rod Serling.

7F #17 · Feb 10th, 2017 · · 1 ·

Make America greater again.

Although i am some Asian noob in east China US allied countries.

America is just so great than red Chinese!

This fic reminds me how Scary Movie franchise gets away with murdering comedy by making it a bunch of references. This is the same. A bunch of references.

For that reason I hardly think this fic deserves the "comedy" tag.


Wait. If Trump is banning ponies from the US, then there must already be ponies in the US! Yay!

Wow, looks like the opinion on this story is as divided as the States is right now. How apt... :pinkiesmile:

Put in hacks equestria was better it was more over top and original and the satire was better (this story was ok)

As far as trumps order I WOULD agree with it if it wasn't an executive order

Out of all the stories settings in this universe, why the hell this got more dislikes?

My problem with the first part is that you're applying his arguments for combating real-world problems to a fictional setting, removing all meaning and sense to the arguments in the first place, effectively completely mischaracterizing him and his policies. :trixieshiftright:

But everything that came after had me rolling with laughter. Especially Luna getting turned on by his machismo. :rainbowlaugh:

Don't forget those damn Unicorns going after innocent human virgins. What's up with that?
They're bringing drugs (poison joke), they're bringing crime (random musical numbers clogging traffic), they're rapists (they eat rape), and some, we assume, are good horsies.

7937419 I was at the RNC when that went down and took pictures with my Twilight Plushie. i'll try to link them later.

7937191 And how is Mr. Tsipras working out for you, sir?

Fake News Fanfic!

7937480 How relevant is this? It's not. What are you up to?

I love your parodies, I can't wait to see what you will cook up next.

Fimfic really needs a Parody tag.

As political commentary this manages to smash the extreme left (hello, Sanders) and portrays everything on the right as being equally extreme while ignoring the majority of the left (Ninth Circuit would be a good advocate, but you are spoiled for choice on protest groups and journalists losing their minds in entertaining ways). The statement "everyone gets roasted equally, don't worry" is factually untrue.

See also 7937191 . Couldn't have said it better myself.

Fake, but accurate. Two thumbs up.

As an ardent Trump supporter...I am ok with this.

This was funny.

he said, wrapping Discord’s jacket around her soldiers.

Soldiers should be shoulders, ja?

>has become
The world was always mad. You were just ignoring it.

I disliked your prior story. But I like this one a lot. :)
Funnnnni satire.


Whut u talkin about. The left "jab" was made up conjecture, while the "trump right" ACTUALLY happened.

This entire fic pokes fun at Trump. And i likey :)

was luna about to grab something? i bet she was.....

I just came here to see the comments.

Not as many downvoted comments as expected though.

Okay, now you can downvote this comment now.

Either the Clinton voters are strong in the USA, or people are tired of Trump jokes. *shrug*

Thank Princess Sunbutt Im Canadian. There is one hell of a shitstorm brewing south of that border.

7937743 Oh dear, embarrassing! :ajsleepy: Thanks for catching that, I'll fix it soon!

7937868 I suggest you pay closer attention.

It just wasn't funny like the first one. But then how can you compete with armored laser bears?

I'm not saying I now ship Luna and Trump, but I'm not saying I don't ship it.....

Grab 'em by the cutie mark.

7938007 You idiot! This is affecting you too! You know what he's gonna do next? He's going to rename Canada to North Mexico! Do you really want that!?

7937868 No it doesn't.

7939170 human world, technically sunset shimmer is an illegal alien.

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