• Published 29th Mar 2017
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Fluttershy's Prank Day - Dreadnought

Fluttershy is convinced by Discord to have some fun on April 1st.

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Knock! Knock!

Four ponies waited at the front door to the Castle of Friendship. A slightly perturbed Applejack stood next to a concerned Rarity, who stood next to a dozing Pinkie Pie. Above hovered Rainbow Dash, her forelegs crossed in impatience.

There was the sound of a gradually turning lock and then the door opened slowly, revealing a visibly tired Spike. “Morning everypony,” he said passively.

“I’m awake!” yelled Pinkie Pie, grabbing everyone’s attention.

Applejack turned to the little dragon in front of her. “Howdy Spike.”

“How’s it going big guy?” asked Rainbow Dash.

“How’s my little Spikey-wikey?” greeted Rarity as she hugged him.

Spike didn’t react to Rarity’s affection. “He’s tired. Twilight kept me up late last night. Thank Celestia you all are here,” he said as he let them in to the entrance hall.

“What’s goin’ on?” asked Applejack.

Spike led the ponies towards the Map Room. “I think Twilight should explain. It involves Fluttershy.” The four ponies all exchanged worried glances.

Entering the map room, they saw Twilight and Starlight searching through an immense stack of books. “Anything?” asked Twilight.

“No. You?” returned Starlight.


“What’s going on Twilight?” asked Rainbow Dash.

“Oh, morning everypony. Starlight and I are looking for answers. I was visited by Fluttershy yesterday when she....” Twilight stopped as she observed the looks she was getting from the group. “Did she come by and see you yesterday?”

“Yeah, she bucked all my apples,” said Applejack.

“She did?” asked a surprised Twilight.

“Yeah. And she fed the animals, milked the cows, and plowed all ma fields.”

Rarity stepped forward. “She came by and asked if I could make dresses for her.”

“You are a dressmaker,” observed Starlight.

“But not a hundred dresses for Hoity Toity’s boutique in Canterlot.”

“What?” asked a dumfounded Twilight.

Rainbow Dash interrupted. “And since when is Fluttershy faster than me?”

Twilight and Starlight looked at each other. “Well, what about Pinkie?” asked Starlight.

Opening her eyes, she yelled, “I’m awake!”

Twilight asked, “Pinkie, did Fluttershy visit you yesterday?”

“Oh, yeah.” Yawn. “She came by and threw me a party.”

The other ponies exchanged glances. “She did what?” asked Rainbow.

“She threw me a Prank Day Party. She did it at midnight, and we partied for several hours. I never did get back to sleep.” Yawn.

“What’s going on with Fluttershy?” asked Applejack.

Twilight spoke up. “Well, that’s what we’re trying to figure out. She came by yesterday...” She stopped when she saw the subject of conversation entering the room.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

Instantly everypony’s head turned and their eyes fell upon Fluttershy, causing their faces to display to utter shock. Except for Twilight, Starlight and Spike who knew about Fluttershy’s state. And Pinkie Pie, who had nodded off again. Before the assembled crowd stood Fluttershy, looking a bit uneasy, with a straight yellow horn protruding from her forehead.

“Fluttershy, you’re an alicorn!” exclaimed Rarity.

“What the hay is going on?” demanded Rainbow Dash.

Fluttershy reached up and felt the horn on her head. “Oh, my. He was supposed to remove that yesterday.”

“Who?” asked Twilight.


“Discord!” said everypony, except Pinkie.

“I’m awake!” yelled Pinkie Pie, but nopony paid any attention. “Ooo Fluttershy, you’re an alicorn!”

“Yes, he turned me into an alicorn yesterday. It was part of a prank on Twilight.”

“That was all a prank?” asked Twilight.


“And all those dresses you wanted me to make?” queried Rarity.


“And bucking all my apples?” questioned Applejack.


Rainbow Dash flew down and grabbed Fluttershy by the shoulders and looked her squarely in the eyes. “Please tell me you’re not faster than me.”

“Not without Discord’s magic.”

“Whew,” responded Rainbow.

“So, all this was part of a prank?” asked Starlight.

“Yes. Discord wanted me to give Prank Day a try. He assured me that you would all find them funny.”

A long awkward silence passed before Twilight chuckled. “Well, I was surprised to see you as an alicorn.”

“Oh, he was supposed to remove that. Discord,” called Fluttershy.

Rising up from the Cutie Map was the Lord of Chaos himself. “You called?”

“Discord, you were supposed to turn me back into a pegasus yesterday.”

“Oh, yes. I forgot” he admitted. He snapped his fingers. Fluttershy stood there, waiting for something to happen. Discord snapped his fingers again. Nothing happened. He snapped his fingers again and again and again. Nothing.

“Discord?” prodded Fluttershy, concern rising in her voice.

Discord gave a nervous laugh. “It – uh – seems that once you turn a pony into an alicorn, you can’t change them back. How does being the ‘Princess of Kindness’ sound?”

Author's Note:

Well, I hope you enjoyed the story. I liked throwing a twist at the very end, and I hope you didn't see it coming. Overall the story was fun to write, which is why I write.

Please provide feedback on what you thought, critiques, and suggestions.

Keep Writing,


Comments ( 13 )

Not a bad story. I can see this having a kind of sequel involving Fluttershy dealing with her new princess form and such. Personally, I think Fluttershy would make a great princess.

Ohhhhh Discord's​ gonna get an earful from Tia and Luna when this is over!

Hahahahah well damn nice work got some good laughs out of this :)

:raritystarry::rainbowhuh::pinkiegasp::applejackconfused: Princess Fluttershy?

:moustache: cool

Ha ha. Loved the ending! Great fun story. :twilightsmile:
I'd be interested in a follow up with celestia and Luna.

Princess Fluttershy...
That has MY vote!:trollestia:

What a good read, lots of fun.

Fluttershy : You can't change me back.. NOOOO! She squeaked softly loud.
Twilight ; Well I'll be happy to teaching you some things about being a princess .
Rarity : I look forward to help you dress like a princess but she needs to learn to be bolder before she meets some royals.
Rainbow : Leave that to me and any changes she needs to make in her flying too.
Pinkie : I'll get the party ready.. After I get some sleep...ZZZZZZZ
Discord; Ooh this is going to be fun and best part is I often thought Fluttershy deserved to be Alicorn and she is ready for it..
Fluttershy ; I'm NOT ready for this!!!!

As for the story.. It was fun but rather random story and a bit disjointed in a few places..

Thanks for reading. Hope you get a chance to check out some of my other work.


I did not expect the ending at all. Good job.

Thanks for your feedback. I hope my other stories will have as surprising of endings as this one.


Let's be honest. Who here wouldn't want Fluttershy to pull the same prank on them as she did Applejack. :derpytongue2:

“Oh yes. I became one shortly after lunch,” responded Fluttershy calmly.


After the ending:
Discord: "Prank! Got you!" :raritywink:
Fluttershy: "Oh, Discord! Prank Day was yesterday!" :facehoof:
Discord: "Well that's exactly why it was so unexpected!" :trixieshiftright:

I enjoyed this. It was a rather fun read! :pinkiehappy:

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