• Published 29th Mar 2017
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Fluttershy's Prank Day - Dreadnought

Fluttershy is convinced by Discord to have some fun on April 1st.

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Discord howled, “And then when she tries to pull her head out, she’ll find it stuck!”

Concerned, Fluttershy leaned forward and asked, “She won’t be hurt, will she?”

Discord dismissed her concern with a wave of the paw. “Oh, it’s all good Prank Day fun. Her head will just be stuck in the box, and I’ll be there to release it after everyone has a good laugh. That will teach Pinkie Pie curiosity killed the cat!” Discord picked up a tea cake and mindlessly took a bite as he mused about his prank. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him. “Fluttershy, what do you have planned for Prank Day?”

“Oh, I don't participate in pranking,” replied a disinterested Fluttershy before taking a sip of tea.

“You don't? No Prank Day fun?”

“Pranks aren’t my thing.”

“Really?” He cracked a devious grin and chuckled. “I remember hearing that a certain yellow pegasus became a cookie-eating zombie a few months back.” His mouth turned rainbow-colored and his eyes became glazed-over. “Coooookieeees! Coooookieeees!”

“We had to do something to get Rainbow Dash to stop pranking the town,” protested Fluttershy.

“Then what about the Nightmare Night corn maze?” pressed Discord, growing fangs and bat ears as he wrapped himself in a black cape.

“I thought I would give Nightmare Night a try. But my friends were absolutely terrified and I couldn’t do that to them again,” insisted Fluttershy.

“Prank Day isn’t about scaring ponies, it’s about doing something fun that will get a good laugh. I look forward to it every year,” said Discord matter-of-factly.

“I’m just as happy treating it like every other day.” Fluttershy took a sip of her tea, and without thought added, “Besides, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Discord saw his opening, and chose to exploit it before the opportunity slipped away. “Well, I’m an expert in pranks and I’ll help you pull them off this Saturday.”

Fluttershy tried to find a way out of her lapse. “Oh, I couldn’t ask you to do that. You’ll be busy pulling your own pranks,” she pointed out.

Discord waved her off. “Please, I’m the Lord of Chaos, the wielder of immense magical power. And you’re forgetting I can be in two places at once.” A second Discord refilled Fluttershy’s teacup while a third offered her a platter of fresh biscuits.

“Well, I don’t want to hurt anypony’s feelings. I would feel just awful,” continued Fluttershy.

“Ponies understand it’s Prank Day. And the pranks would be in good taste,” reassured Discord.

“I’m not sure –”

“Don’t you trust me?” asked Discord, giving her the saddest look he could muster.

Fluttershy hesitated. “Well, I guess we could try a prank –”

Discord threw confetti into the air before picking up Fluttershy and giving her a big hug. “Oh, you won’t regret this. I’ll plan out a number of pranks you could pull. It’ll be so much fun.”

Fluttershy wondered if she had made a major mistake. “Oh dear.”

Author's Note:

Thanks for reading Fluttershy's Prank Day! I hope you enjoyed it. Check back on Saturday for Chapter 2. Also, be sure to check out my other April 1st themed story, Discord's First Prank Day.