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The Multiverse is my playground, but most of my content will be set in Equestria 762, Equestria 556, or Equestria 223.

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A storia era stuposa! Mi piace u sviluppu di carattere è a manera di tramandà trà sceni! A vostra descrizzione hà fatta felice è spergu chì fate bella! Assicuratevi di micca mette a salsa in u lavandariu!

Ehm... I'm sorry. Your feedback is very much appreciated and welcome, but my two years of high school Spanish is insufficient to translate this...

Constructive criticism:

Assuming Caster's been using her sidearm, her M9 would already be chambered. Even if she hasn't, a soldier going into battle carries a sidearm cocked and locked.

Also, soldiers generally don't use different individual firearms. They need to be able to share magazines, plus it helps if they have to pick up a comrade's rifle.

Aside from these, good story so far.

I'll make the appropriate edits to correct the M9 bit. Thanks for the info!

My reasoning behind them having different weapons is that they are almost all specialists, and have equipped themselves accordingly.

The SCAR and Aug weapons have sniper, assault and cqb configurations, so it's possible for them to be specially equipped and still share common components.

Trust me, I understand the urge to include many badass firearms, but a bunch of unique firearms creates a logistical nightmare. And in a light infantry unit like you're portraying, it would quickly lead to a lot of empty weapons.

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