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Wrath, Pride, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, and Greed. These are The Seven Deadly Sins, ancient beings that use to rule over the lands of Equestria until two Alicorn sisters banished them from existence. Instead of being banished however, The Sins used the last of their energy to transport their essence to seven souls that have not been born yet, and so they laid dormant building up their strength and watched as the souls grew up. The Sins would smile at who the fates had put them in and how much fun that they'll have when their family is back together in this new age of Equestria. But who were they transported to?

Spike, a dragon of purple and green scales was born and raised into Equestria and lives differently then others of his kind. He is humble and only lives by the bare essentials. Sometimes.
Twilight, the lavender Alicorn Princess of Friendship and Element of Magic. Gifted in the fields of arcane magic and a student of Celestia. She never has been angered to the point of hurting others. Sometimes.
Rarity, a beautiful white unicorn and Element of Generosity. A truly talented seamtress with a knack for finding gems. She owns her own business even, and is contend on what she has and doesn't wish for other's lives as her own. Sometimes.
Applejack, an orange pony and Element of Honesty. Hardest worker in Sweet Apple Acres and does her best to be truthfully to herself, her family, and her friends. She isn't afraid to ask for help if needed though. Sometimes.
Pinkie Pie, a very pink pony and Element of Laughter. Works at Sugercube Corner and loves to put a smile on your face. She is willing to share what treats she makes with anyone. Sometimes.
Rainbow Dash, a cyan pegasus and the Element of Loyalty. Fastest flyer in Equastria and captain of the Wonderbolts. She will give it her all to save her friends and won't stop till they're safe. Sometimes.
Fluttershy, a yellow pegasus and Element of Kindness. Kind-hearted, gentle voice, soft hands and loves all creatures big and small. She is shy and loves everybody equally and would never take advantage of that. Sometimes.

I think its time we introduce ourselves.

The following is a non-profit fanfiction, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Lauren Faust and Hasbro. Please support the official release.

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I read the description and I was like "SWEET STARS ABOVE- THE SINS OF FRIENDSHIP LIVES!!' a part of me died inside when Mctwiggy stopped the series :applecry: But I can't blame the guy :ajsleepy:

I'll be keeping Taaaabbbbsssss :rainbowlaugh: The story is already interesting! :rainbowwild: I like. Good job.



I'm surprised this story doesn't have a dark tag.

Huh, I thought I clicked on it. Well you see, Starlight Nova, the reason for that is... uh... I may or may not have double clicked the tag

Comment posted by Spike the Assistant deleted Mar 8th, 2017


ya know i really like this concept of the sins body snatching the victims. I usually only see the sins doing their work through manipulation and this is a welcome change to that trope. I think this has a great shot at getting featured IF you can correct some of those spelling errors. Swallowing not sawollowed and there was at least one more. This was probably just looked over on accident and therefore you shouldn't worry too much. If you don't know how to spell something just look it up and ya got it. Like I said I really like this and would enjoy to see more.

So which sin prefer to with pony(like twilight is prefer to Wrath,I guess)

Well the Sins I have revealed are Greed (Spike), Wrath (Twilight), Envy (Rarity), and Gluttony (Pinkie). You can make quess as to how Sloth and Pride will be done, since they're kinda interchangeable with Applejack and Rainbkw Dash.
Oh and then there's Ol' Fluttershy which I have dropped a hint about.

In the story's description applejack "dose her best to lie to others"?

That needs to be fixed

Thank you for pointing that out. I have no idea how I missed that.

So are the Mane six's true Personalities dead? Or just locked away in their subconscious?

Well, your gonna have to wait to see... once I work up the effort. I've been so lazy with this, but I do still wanna continue.

hopefully it’s the latter and they get saved.

Comment posted by Aether Spark deleted Sep 3rd, 2018

Great chapter, can't wait to see what will happen next.

im willing to bet that Discord isn’t dead and he’s got a plan. amiright?

So who possesses who again? I get that Twilight has wrath Spike has greed Pinkie has gluttony and Applejack has pride, I think Rarity is envy or maybe lust.

Alright everyone, I know i havent been posting chapters for awhile, but thats because an idea hatched in my head a while back. its taking some time and im super happy with everyone whos been patient with this. i love you guys and ask that you wait a little longer okay? i swear itll be worth.
why do you think i haven't put the haitus tag up? theres a method to this maddness....


Alright, it's been almost a year and I've done nothing with this story. But no more! I was gonna just complete it and release it when it was done. That didn't happen. But exams are over so I'm gonna actually work on chapters!

No more cowering when I see the blank screen! It is time to type! Now... where did I put my notes?

Hooray! I’m glad that this story is still alive

I don't like it
I'm not going to dislike it but it just lacks any literary substance
A poor humanity is of what some of this caliber are referred to

Im glad this story hasnt kicked the bucket.

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