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I am a Fictional Writer of your Fictional Books. Yet we are One, We are Fiction.

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Ooh, a glimpse into the past of our protagonist (of sorts)! I like it!

i believe that in the fallout equestria, Caesar's Legion is called Zebra's Remnants. But the story looks interesting :twilightsmile:

No, Zebra Reminants = Chinese Reminants from Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas didn't influence FOE, Fallout 3 did.

But thank you for your interest!

You did good job with putting stuff in so small chapters. :trixieshiftright:
But still they are way TOO short. :ajsmug:

I know they're short but it is my first fic so I'm going with a chapter size that I feel comfy with.

But thanks for the support!

Why is this on hiatus?

"Unless I get some more inspiration for this" lack of inspiration or drive and I just published this chapter after a while of not touching it.

It isn't cancelled though, just lack of creativity / drive / inspiration. :twilightsmile:

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