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I write Pony fanfics, mainly involving warfare, that's all I got to say.


The land of Jarhule is healing from the Great War. Lands were burned, but borders did not change, and now bandits and mercenaries roam the land, causing more strife for the ponies trying to rebuild. But one company, Ares, find three alicorn princesses after a raid on a bandit fortress, and those three soon change, for better, or for worse.

Celestia, Luna, and Cadence must now adapt to this new world, a world with many advanced technologies, advanced weapons, yet the politics have remained the same. So they join Ares to change that.

Weapons and time period will match that of post ww1 weaponry and equipment. This is slightly based on Battefield 1 and Mount and Blade. But it's mostly original.

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“Ares lives by a code, your highness, we do not kill or harm the innocent. Everything we do is for the safety of the innocent, like I said, we need to space for our soldiers and equipment, it’s hard to keep three airships anchored in the middle of a city, as well as keeping weapons and vehicles in scattered warehouses.

shouldn't that be "the" ?



EDIT: It's also 1:40 AM where i am right now...:pinkiecrazy:

a little nitpick i think...

Seilbaster 1906 rifle

i think that should be "Selbstlader" ?:rainbowhuh:

8016463 Glad to hear you're excited about this story. Thank you. Don't worry the excitement is going to be worth it. :raritywink:
Also, thanks. I'll fix those ASAP

Very interesting start. :pinkiehappy: I hope Doyle becomes a regular character because she seems quite interesting. :twilightblush: also very interesting to see the princess adjusting to things. :twilightsmile:

So the princesses are powerless in this story, this is going to be interesting.

For somepony who probably never fired a gun before, Celestia is a good shot.

Which makes me wonder, what kind of of weaponry the world of Equestria has? Considering that the princesses at least know what a gun is.

Cod3 reference love it

“Okay listen up, today we’re on a top secret mission to get coffee and donuts, the problem is, the Swidies drank all the coffee, and ate all the donuts, so now, we gotta go kick their asses.”

Are they anything like the "White Tights"?

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